Random, again.

Long time coming but good things usually a take a turn while the next is due within the ballet☺.

I probably have too many things under the platter but chose to exclaim while others decide amongst themselves.

Leaders on a prowl as the nation await yet another swagger from our elected blade. Not a great political aficionado but certainly want a nation with a better person to lead, crunch and mess as required (not necessary to be in the order prescribed!). Hear shouts and slogans; want them to speak with actions and whips (for a change). Like all, I wait to ponder.

IPL begins yet again, oops. Well, let’s talk something else now.

Past few weeks have been quite endangered, and relatively dull. Not sure why and how, as these sensibilities do not proclaim to be my pals often. Yet, lived them with a sitter of an attitude, and helped blessed connotations regain control. Grained, weather conditions, people change, culture changes, small battles with little gain, souring temperatures (in and out), gloated path ways and a light at the end of the tunnel. Truly, quite impressive, I must say.

Worth mentioning is the field day I had with my boys in a cricket field after hiatus. Battling sapping heat and handicapped self, it was fun to be crackling again with whims and crooks. I relived my younger days with prejudices of a known specie and was worth a million smiles.

A visit to Sikkim was meant to be a rocker and we didn’t disappoint ourselves. Rather, would have chosen to succumb to my premonitions and advertise the Sikkim sojourn in to helm the impact on a brighter paradigm. The week was a bygone with flourish and a great memorabilia.

Keep flushing the pages and I will be right back.

romantics unleashed – an amateur classic!

a new arrival terms the beginning of an evolution,
budding flowers blossom meandering fragrance amidst vane,
fewer mortals discreet farther feathers,
yet, I love to fall and emerge unravelled.

tinsel town connotes me at a level of subjugation,
a celebrity of self invokes within..
gallops like highwayman when confronted ballistically,
quiver, shiver and smell the fervour of faint, frantically.

an isolation that was felt for minutes that compounded of ages,
ultimate gift of love came in with waves of profound glee,
met with ventilations of pestering values and desires..
squadron that ceased to exist and conquer with patents.

nation dances to tunes that is felt and is the beat that misleads..
new leader at the helm procures emotions and fallacies on a spectrum,
an artist stops weaving his brushes over a 21 yard strip..
baked at the future pokes as a legend withdraws from the realms of the empire.

premier consumer giants provoke and tantalise with oomph..
yet, embraced with goosebumps that yore and yell..
as governments play with inflow and outflow of booty,
big and small battle as the game crouches over the survival of the gamers.

Erodes, as always, and comes in till the following perched unknown.