Dallas, My Acquiantance

Took me places amidst engaging business in an interesting lasndcape.

Tour to skyscrapers, lights to heights in a lonely banter of maze like over bridges, a bustling downtown with piece of history and tantalisingly close shaves of the airline wheels.

Come back vehicle is a fetish feeling of possible equations. Let’s wait and make things turn around. For good, for work, for me, for us.

a voyage of a different kind..

The last 3 weeks have been crazy, probably crazier than I thought it would be. But didn’t surprise myself as the transition ought to be instrumental in shaping me in the next few months. Not nerves but a feeling described yet not exported in its vague bonanza.

Pre nuptial-knot days were thrilling and some fine moments spent with the family will be remembered for a long time to come. With Pups down here with Mushki, times were so wonderful that I failed to notice that it was flying at the same pace. Photographs speak a language of emotions and I look back at them with such ominous glee that cannot be plagued over.

Now, for the third in my life. 2 beautiful women blessed my life with unsurmountable love and irreplaceable qualities of a super human being. Truly and evidently, their influence shows up in every frame of my life. Today, I am every inch proud and evasive in saying that my better half would exceed me with palpable blush. A simple and sweet human being, she continues to impress in what might be an extended stretch of a lifetime. Thanking them would be a shame but can’t shy away from saying this: Mom and Pups – I love you! Sarada – Your love will take our lives forward and bind the family together like never before.

Ah! Emotions have never been my best playground, yet.

It’s been a travel sojourn, if I can term it that way in a nutshell. From the backwaters of Allepey to the stylish suburban of Kochi, from the ever gorgeous Athirapally falls to the heavenly shores of Goa, from the in-lawful Bangalore to a sublime Vijayawada – it has been nothing short of a roller coster ride. I am drained and living out of a suitcase hasn’t been a great feeling. But, I guess, every moment has been worth it. Satisfying.

I am back. Normal livelihood calls upon and I have some critical decisions to be taken in the next few weeks as a new journey begins. Waiting for it and the showdown to the penultimate has been perfect. Almost!

Rest of 2012 and 2013, am coming for you with full josh and excitement of my life. Amen!