A Seer’s Rage – Episode 2

Madhu grew up in a land of priests and religious fanaticism. Not surprisingly, his thought process was quite inclined towards his Father’s during his younger days. But as days went by and he grew older, time and education taught him a wider aspect of his faltering childhood.

Close to his mother but in awe of his father. Madhu’s situation was quite disturbing and precarious. But he was a kind, noble and compassionate person. Perhaps, his roots have him given him the foundation he needed.

Madhu does see himself as the son of the Patriarch but doesn’t essentially see him in his Father’s shoes. In fact, Literature fascinates Madhu ever since his school days and now as he confronts his end-of-school days, he is quite convinced not to pursue his Father’s legacy against his unsurpassable wish to get his degree in Literature.

Madhu’s inclination towards Literature comes from his Mother. A school teacher in Banaras Christian Community School before she got married, Madhu’s mother was also adept in writing short stories for few small publications in the town. Yes, she quit long back but Madhu has inherited his mother’s talent.

He plans to inform his father about his plans though he is equally crumbled under fear to talk about his proposition with his Father. On the other hand, his mother is on his side and encourages him to do what he wants.

A Seer’s Rage – Episode 1

A land of spiritual resurgence. We need messiahs, someone who can turn this world upside down, in the right way. Not a torch bearer, but we need tools for sustenance.

Madhuprayan George Roy was born in Banaras, India to a Hindu Father and Catholic Mother. His father belonged to an ancestral Priest family and one of the oldest patriarch in the city of Banaras. Not surprisingly, an orthodox family with strong spiritual roots and a legacy that takes you back to 18th century, Madhu (as he was fondly called by his parents and friends), had a conventional and often, difficult childhood.

Being bought up in a situation of ‘Priesthood’ isn’t easy. His father was a staunch, god fearing priest in one of the oldest temples in Banaras. Quote obviously and inevitable, hugely respected across the religious circles, in and around Banaras. This made things even more difficult for Madhu. He was scared to talk to his father.

Madhu’s father was a good man but his approach towards his son was whimsical. He was a responsible father but not a doting one. His position in the town made him almost invincible to others and untenable to his son. This was not going down very well with Madhu.

His mother, though equally conventional and a devoted Catholic, was a compassionate and caring mother to Madhu. Madhu was very close to her and the fact that his parents got married in a twist of fate also meant that he was more emotionally inclined to his mother than his father. His mother understood Madhu’s dilemma but was equally intimidated by her husband’s position in the realms of Banaras. She was not scared of her influential husband but had her own reasons to adopt submission.

Death Smile

She is an Iron Lady. I have never seen her blink an eye or being moist in a situation. She took tuition classes, her husband has a decent job and her son was studying in a boarding school in a different town. A family of 3 with dreams of their own, I knew them as a courageous and friendly family.

But destiny had other plans. A plan that shattered their lives and bought them to knees. But I just had one question. Why?

One midnight, the phone rings aloud. The call is from her son’s Boarding school. They inform that her son collapsed in his room last night and they did not have a clue till one of his room mates tried to get in to the room. With a heavy and scary tone, they inform her that he is dead. 

Her world has just gone down. The couple rush to the boarding school and get his body back home. Doctors inform that he died due to a respiratory problem leading to cardiac arrest. 

I met her a few weeks after her son’s death. She was her usual self, didn’t talk much and I did not have the tenacity to stay longer. But I could see the pain she locked herself in.

Not willing to remain inside and refuses to come outside. I could see how her world has collapsed with a blink of an eye.

But disasters have this uncanny knack of knocking doors twice. Again, I was living with the same question. Why?

I visited her a few months later and during the normal conversation, ended up enquiring about her husband. Her response startled me. He has been diagnosed with cancer and is under treatment for the last 3 months. Her voice, not for a minute, had a touch of fear or apprehension about the situation she is dangling with. 

I was out of town for 4 months. When I was back, I learnt from her that he passed away last month.

Her life stood toppled and devastated. Yet, she stood firm and I did not see tears in her eyes. She continued with her tuition classes. She started visiting a nearby orphanage and offered her services. Few months down the line, she quit classes and became a regular in the orphanage.

I have since moved out of the city since 7 years. Last time I visited her place, door was locked and neighbours have not seen her around for sometime. As of today, I don’t know where she lives or has moved to.

I, at times, remain astounded by the ways of life. We are not perfect. We make mistakes. We have sinned. Yet, life bestows numerous opportunities to redeem ourselves. And, we survive. We live to see glory.

But in the adversity of time, life decided to show off it’s gruesome face to this lady and her family. 

I am still living with the same question. Why?

*Inspired by real life events.

Disparity of Roots

Once upon a time, in the long lost world of happiness, anguish and chaos, there lived 2 individuals who were raised and bred together. Yet, so gorgeously different.

Angel was a shy, submissive, reluctant girl who had her choices defined by her parents. She was extremely adorable and loved by all around her. It was imperative that she was the darling of her household and she receives the best in life from her equally caring parents though they are moderately employed. But they were a friendly couple and very helpful, hence they also drew considerable amount of respect from people around their neighbourhood.

Disturb was Angel’s neighbour and her best friend. Their parents were former colleagues and that gave both an opportunity to share a large part of their childhood together. They even went to the same school and shared their lunch boxes with each other. But Disturb was an arrogant boy. He often has tussles with local guys and is prone to fall in trouble. There have been instances when Angel has come to his rescue but that doesn’t stop him from messing around. Disturb’s father is a reputed businessman and is known name in around their place. That gives an edge to Disturb as he takes advantage of his father’s social reputation and gets away with his pranks.

Time flew, and the bonding between Angel and Disturb developed. Nothing platonic about the relationship but both had immense love and respect for each other. Yes, Angel disapproved his behaviour and attitude in an otherwise mutual relationship. As teenagers, Angel often guarded Disturb when he invited trouble and took the blame on her on number of occasions. But, such acts only intensified Disturb’s menacing character as he grew up to be a rude and indisciplined individual. He had the support of his father, who was less of a parent and more of a businessman who was ready to compensate any situation with money. This impressed Disturb but Angel quietly criticised it as she was bought up in a completely different household whose ecosystems where massively apart.

One fine morning, Angel’s father dies in an accident while commuting to work. Angel’s world turns upside down as she and her mother struggle to cope up with the sudden demise of their sole bread winner. Angel decides to work as that’s the only way out for their lives to redeem themselves out of this situation. Disturb does provide Angel with emotional support but he is too insensitive to come out of his lurch and think of providing some financial assistance to Angel and her family. But, Angel has no expectation from Disturb and his family.

Angel slowly takes the reins of her family on her shoulders, and gradually sets on her foot to stabilise the family situation. She also grows up to become a beautiful and pretty lady who is equally charming and kind. The discipline inculcated in her by her Father is something that caters to her rescue and she aptly adapts to the changing conditions around her. Disturb is completely immersed in his exploits and regarded as one of the mighty goons in the neighbourhood. He starts indulging in drugs, bad company, nocturnal activities and a set of paltry, opportunist friends who tag along for his Father’s money. His Father continues to bail Disturb out of nasty situations but gradually realises that he has a big stake in Disturb’s upbringing – hence the consequences but Disturb has now gone beyond his control.

In her workplace, Angel starts to flourish and is doing well for herself. She gets a promotion and a raise. She is going around steady with one of her colleagues, with whom she shares a special bond and both of them are quite fond of each other. Meanwhile, her relationship with Disturb cannot be termed as strained but certainly has distanced. Angel, for her part, has tried hard to get Disturb on the right track but his seminal instincts have had little or no inclinations towards Angel’s concerns for him as a human being alone, if not for anything else. They keep in touch, rather, Angel calls him once in a while to check if he is okay. His responses are usually rugged and minimal but Angel is by far the only person he responds or reacts to. His relationship with his Father is going the downtrodden way as he hardly lives with him and stays outdoors most of the week. In fact, it has come down to the point where Disturb’s father occasionally calls Angel to check if his son is doing okay. All this does pain Angel but she realises that she has done her bit and Disturb’s equilibrium lies in something else.

Angel’s mother passes away after a brief illness and this leaves Angel devastated. Her only source of inspiration and motivation has been her mother, who ensured that Angel lived a good life despite early setbacks in their lives. Angel decides to move out of her current residence, and she moves in with her boyfriend. Couple of months later, she comes to hear from common friends that Disturb has been arrested with charges of murder and conspiracy. She immediately calls his father as she is not sure if he is aware of Disturb’s plight. There is no response from him. She rushes to the police station but she is not allowed to meet Disturb in custody.

After few days, she gets the news that Disturb’s father is absconding and his business associates have no clue of what happened to him. It appears that they have not met him for few months and after Disturb’s arrest, the phone calls have stopped coming through. Police suspect that his disappearance and Disturb’s arrested might be connected. They are investigating the case as they feel there is more to it than what meets the eye. Disturb is still in judicial custody.

Angel is shocked and perturbed. With stories and rumours afloat, she is trying to comprehend the situation but feels all the more sorry for Disturb but she is helpless. She continues to live with her boyfriend in his apartment.