How close can you get to defy odds for someone you never knew?

Freakish, but such uninhibited intimacy is seldom found in mortals.

‘Close’ enough!


Yes. Consumed. Period. Inflammable isn’t an attribute, it’s a way of getting burnt. 
Hopes. Turmoil. Not over but begun. Ah, just yet.

Travel fascinates me, engulfs life over its normalcy and catapults mortals to a perceived cubicle of succumbing dreams. Yes, am fulfilled. Yes, I dream. Yes, I dare. Yes, started.

Phases co exist, precluding but stoppable. Yells but cannot sustain. We win. Efforts might go beneath but never unnoticed. Not words of wisdom, but conviction of life. Life savers. Rather.

Money sells, relationships don’t. The basis of bestowed values rests upon wealthy bank balances. Not for prosperity but for deterent rodents to feast on economic holes.

That’s, for the people. Former, is self gloated.
Good omen is like waves, comes through stones and rocks to wet us. Quite a welcome air!

Not talking about the heat wave this year, while other linguistics proved much hotter than Sun’s wrath.

Ah! You seem to consider this underrated. Well, just started to blink.