the glimmer tale

Sometimes, you just have to stand up, look around and weee! It’s there, it’s always been there. I have been lazy enough to ignore it and it has in turn been a wierdo, staying discreet. Brightness is to be seen, energized and rejuvenated. I know, it’s always around lest I decide to keep myself deprived.   

when bliss is around

Your open eyes is my moist yolk,
Your sleep is the deepest wait of my life.
I wait, I wait, just waiting is my job in hand,
You open your eyes, and life redeems me.

Inside the womb, your kick was a myth,
You came out and your slimy smile makes me go bonkers.
You look at me and its sheer enigma. Yes, it still is.
Merely holding you in my hands for few minutes is visiting the sublime.

Day was spent in miscellaneous meander, you still did hover around my thoughts like heavy clouds over perennial landscapes.
All for your love, so much worth than we actually, and seldom realize.
As I write, I crave to take a glimpse of your pervasive innocence,
Day or night, you rule me.

This had to be told. Yes, I just did. I remain encamped and the future is born.

the 2015 that was..

Technically, we are still there. So hold on, but then, for how long?

Its been a while since we keep talking about what went wrong, what didn’t go well, how people deceived you, how nature’s wrath upon you was so unwarranted, why your employer doesn’t pay you well, why the world has turned so cruel.. the bandwagon is long and lengthy, painful to patronise

But then, I have a question – doesn’t life always cease to dwell upon our inefficiencies and gets the best out of the inner ego of ours that so unwillingly is sandwiched between our sub conscious state of insatiable back packs and that part of our testimonials that is so desperate to succeed in a life where society is beset with maverick congenialities?

Ah, the answer isn’t that simple, hence take your time.

So, this time, my flashbacks would be more of a dismantled poetry that we usually don’t want to venture through our naked eyes. Calligraphic bludgeons of a gorgeous bystander, a naive observation of an amateur, the inspiring words of a CEO on the growing potential of technology and its takers – depends on what appeals to you the most but one decimal of it is attributed to your affinity towards the jingles of the sound that each of them produce to change your lives. Could be a proportionate one or a mere acquaintance of rich standards. Both ways, we stand vindicated.

The days gone by are sometimes difficult to recollect for couple of reasons – too good to talk about or the opposite. Yes, you can argue that good times are always nice to talk about. True, but sometimes its good to leave the good ones behind and look forward to the greater delights of the world cuisine. After all, basking in glory is seldom an attribute of a champion goose (you can treat that as an adventive of my muse), quite so.

Coming to my usual human endeavours that occupies me during most of the year, 2015 was damn good one, at least, to begin with. I wasn’t in the country for most of the ethereal days in the Indian shores, and English waters treated me well with the sarcasm of a Brit and the flamboyance of a spirited youngster. Work kept me busy but then, I had my own moments that helped to gain the rightful brownie points one usually thrives for memorable indulgence. Exploring the north western corners of England was a breathtaking memoir and the highlands of Scotland left me famished. Well, I will go on and on till you ask me to put my foot down. Yes, am almost there to hang up.

Later this year, families, people, queer acquaintances, lots of travel, perceived jolts, the ‘coming-back’ syndrome and ceiling high aspirations leaves me with just one thing – am asking for more.

Am beginning to feel selfish, so lets move away from the indomitable me and talk about how the world changed while I was working around towards renaissance – ah well, a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t like to. Honestly, hate to open the pandoras box in front of this incubating, arousing set of people.

Sporting events are always a highlight of a year thats demanding a couture from its juggling legacy – the Cricket WC (though not the best in recent memory) unfolded with a one sided flak. ISL took centre stage, especially for the sub continent when its best advertisement doesn’t come football. Wimbledon saw some staggering Indian menace and was a candy to our dry eyes. The victory for Indian women in Kabaddi WC was flourishing news but not widely celebrated in the plated circles (not surprising though).
Amidst such fine climate, disturbances did spoil the world affairs. Paris attacks were black days for the history makers and no one feels the anguish more than India, pity we burnt our fingers on numerous occasions despite the UN intervention and extending the precarious principle of solidarity. Thats probably termed as ‘suicidal dilemma’, for us. For rest, its global disaster that we have so easily got used to.
We rounded off with the ‘Baap’ of all time rain-hit calamities, and Chennai city came to a screeching halt. Took weeks to stand on its feet, and recuperating to retain normalcy. (Also read – )

I hate to but will stop, else I get this furious feeling that the year might not end on the pretext of my vivacious account of its famous and infamous exploits. Sighs!

2015, please go. I will not miss you but will occasionally flash through to beat the best of it.

Condiment of life

You don’t have to be married for 10 years to say huh! and 40 to claim immortality. I think its purely a derivative business. the more you get in to the thick of your relationships, the less you think about sustaining them.

No, this isn’t about raving marriage. Its about unravelling your insides to see how we fit in to someone else’s life. It is not easy, trust me. Not for the man, not for the woman. Don’t intend to bludgeon woman addendum here but they probably end up in the wrong sides of people and end up brushing their own goose against the odds. Not sparing men here though. Just saying whats more explicitly visible to naked eyes.

When I see my parents going through a successful collaboration, I see an advent of notorious DNA amidst my veins. Not to mention the obstacles, people and misunderstandings. But watching them script their lives so beautifully says plenty about the substance in their relationship. More importantly, I wouldn’t otherwise be a part of such a glorious pathway that continues to flourish in an aura of discipline and integrity. It does say that there is more to life than sex, debonaire and subsequent melancholy. Deliciously, it also serves as a tribute to such exemplary human beings they have been and I must insist that this is random outburst of emotions, quite like it.

Coming back, the above does stem from the root I like to roost upon. Chickens might hatch quite in hordes and not seriously produce delinquency but a relationship does have its boundaries closely etched in sensitively broad borders. Easy to contemplate and talk about it but introspection will be a belligerent journey to swallow and digest. Most significantly, chewing long doesn’t help either (just in case few pick this as a conclusive trivia).

Relationships for me are prolonged delights as long as you know when to inject and eject. In scientific measures, they are made of filters and beakers. The more they are reproached and cleansed, the more sublime they become. No clueless magic mantra here, friends.

Will keep coming back to you, till it courageously impresses you to condone and keeps you gullible.