Sui Dhagaa – Stitching Fortunes

Light, tender and emotional.

From a motivation per se, this might do a thing or two to your dwindling prospects.

But this thread is not strong enough to infiltrate the heinous needles of this industry.

Watch it if this is your get-away weekend to find solace.

Gun City

Aptly worded. People, circumstances and guns.

1920s. Barcelona. Political unrest, fight for freedom and liberation. The bloodshed between anarchists and cops. Both wanted peace, but never knew how to get it. Ideals and loyalty existed but we wanted more. Greed and power struggle replaced the former. Result? Another massacre of law and innocent people.

Road to Discovery

A story that takes you through a journey of hope, introspection and understanding relationships. Matured, teenagers or seniors – it’s all about perspectives in life. It’s not being right or wrong, good or bad. Be yourself, satisfaction will follow suit.


It is a story of a provocative writer, an extremely sensitive human being and above all, a victim of the evil time.

Saadat Hasan Manto’s story deserves to be told, heard and understood. Well, the context first, the writer later.

You can burn the screens, but can we destroy the conscience?

Shadows of a City

‘Chekka Chivantha Vaanam’ is a bloody and furious take on the current political pounding that looms large over the state of Tamil Nadu. Raw power, lack of a legacy, absence of a true leader, distrust, insolent drama and uninhibited chaos.

As much as you despise and would like to dethrone the dishonesty of the characters, I fell in love with their shadows. Shadows – who deep down, were conniving, evil and disparingly susceptible.

Devil in a Mask

A flawed person’s story will be flawed. And quite evidently, it is. But amidst this saga of blunders, controversies and a misused human being, lies a person who has survived the odds to witness the luxuries of life and managed friends who could last for eternity. Despite being produced by illustrious parents, he chose to treat his life with disdain and idiocracy.

Not for Sanjay Dutt, watch it for Ranbir Kapoor. His portrayal of a flawed and disgusting human being is almost flawless and brilliant.

Rest is a combination of quality cinema and incomplete chapters in a forgettable life of an unforgiving star.

Gurudev, Pranam!

I do not have words to describe you, your description belongs to an elite world where a genius resides.

I cannot talk about you, you in itself are an institution that remains unparalleled, in man and beyond.

Your stories are not written, they are sagas that are embedded in our lives. Every day, every moment. Forever.

You defined Literature long before mankind could understand the nuances of what ‘Literature’ is.

You did not pen poetries, you have written ‘Life’ as means of poetry in a community where the ‘poet’ was always misunderstood.

Thank you, for leaving us behind.

Beacause, you were way ahead of our kind.

The Master – One of his Kind

What can I say?

Wishing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you is grossly similar to mortals trying to match the exploits of the sun and moon.

Satellites are a tad shy when it comes to your repertoire.

An icon and a legend of our times, there is no take away between your elite investment on the face of pure and generative cinema, and the sublime quality that came out from your stable, consistently.

Not just great, incredible stories. Stories with soul, enriched with human transcendence and path breaking relevance.

Nayak, Charulata, Aranyer Din Ratri, Agantuk, Pather Panchali, The Apu Trilogy..

Just to name a few. But enough for our goosebumps to last for a lifetime.

Perhaps, even more.

Sir, I take a bow!

And yes, if I can.

Happy Birthday, Satyajit Ray.

An Artist. The Filmmaker. The Auteur.