prelude to a special day

Yes, no propaganda, no hustles, no despairing efforts to tell people it’s a day we await every year, no inane posts on FB as if it was the last day on this restrained earth and am the only one celebrating a special day of its kind. Yes, we all love moments in life, and we cherish to treasure them in gift boxes. Gifts of immortal jars that get vanquished by blessings of the eternal.

By the way, happy birthday to my sweetheart and soul of my glorious life.

A blissful encounter

No, this isn’t Picasso or Monalisa. It’s a creation from hands of unconditional love and a gift to rekindle emotions. Blessed day! 


A Father’s Note

Holding your just born son in your hands is a feeling beyond describable words. For a change, I have run out of ammunition as the newly born has swept me off my feet and I don’t feel the earth beneath me. The moments when we saw each other – yes, you can argue that the baby was oblivious of his father’s inquisitive eyes that ran like crazy to say – son, am your father and I love you. Yes, he will not respond now, nevertheless but a new era has begun, a new relationship has just created this world around me that I never knew existed till you happened to me. You don’t know who I am, yet. But you are my world, my life, my heartbeat. My everything, I guess. And I want you to know it.

Cheers to us, our life and we both are indebted to your mother, the woman of my life and the featherbed of your existence. 

Till you open your eyes, mine will remain famished.

Condiment of life

You don’t have to be married for 10 years to say huh! and 40 to claim immortality. I think its purely a derivative business. the more you get in to the thick of your relationships, the less you think about sustaining them.

No, this isn’t about raving marriage. Its about unravelling your insides to see how we fit in to someone else’s life. It is not easy, trust me. Not for the man, not for the woman. Don’t intend to bludgeon woman addendum here but they probably end up in the wrong sides of people and end up brushing their own goose against the odds. Not sparing men here though. Just saying whats more explicitly visible to naked eyes.

When I see my parents going through a successful collaboration, I see an advent of notorious DNA amidst my veins. Not to mention the obstacles, people and misunderstandings. But watching them script their lives so beautifully says plenty about the substance in their relationship. More importantly, I wouldn’t otherwise be a part of such a glorious pathway that continues to flourish in an aura of discipline and integrity. It does say that there is more to life than sex, debonaire and subsequent melancholy. Deliciously, it also serves as a tribute to such exemplary human beings they have been and I must insist that this is random outburst of emotions, quite like it.

Coming back, the above does stem from the root I like to roost upon. Chickens might hatch quite in hordes and not seriously produce delinquency but a relationship does have its boundaries closely etched in sensitively broad borders. Easy to contemplate and talk about it but introspection will be a belligerent journey to swallow and digest. Most significantly, chewing long doesn’t help either (just in case few pick this as a conclusive trivia).

Relationships for me are prolonged delights as long as you know when to inject and eject. In scientific measures, they are made of filters and beakers. The more they are reproached and cleansed, the more sublime they become. No clueless magic mantra here, friends.

Will keep coming back to you, till it courageously impresses you to condone and keeps you gullible.

vintage bits

Coming out of darkness to regain calm is mortal, I braced out of sunshine to visit better borders.

Vision and contemplation were undoubtedly kindled,
Hopes, vicious hopes and much more played tantrums.
Curiously joyous and provocatively desirable, hungry to achieve. More.
Continuos regeneration and demanding minds let go of myself in a quest.

First, then second. First again. No, second. This time, it’s first.
Fiddling priorities, dwindling fortunes, precarious patents.
Unknown landscape, beautiful sights, urban and honed structures.
Likewise features, uniformity in cultures, compassion is contrived but evident.

Challenges galore with delights of a lifetime,
Persistent modes, dentures of a different kind, palatial motives.
Fellows of gorgeous proportions, meandering thoughts, loveable melancholy.
Strength is yourself, rest is an inspiration of undisputed valour.

Travelling met elation, staggering jewels amongst widespread.
Food, grassroots, rainbow, people, snow-laden, long stretches, heaps of roads and tunnels.
Revisit bundles of fantasy, live through filmy stones, stun self with spectacle.
When me became the epitome of precocious audience.

House of dreams live by, continue is the game of thrones.
Dreams dont end, and am a Pheonix of the stone age.
Times turn, we remember, tenaciously survive. Astound but not magnum.
I am in, am back, am enliven, I live.
I am not back, I never left.