Lots, and coming in..

Has been a good and hectic time of pandora around with glitz and curiosity in equal measures.

No, not because of Germany’s triumph but for the vanquished ones. Have always been an admirer of Albiceleste since school days and those sentiments probably stick around. Not to mention, I played ‘pada’ football during much of my younger days and have some fond memories from those packet sized foul mouthed haute. Days of such ignorance and yet so blissful ! Loved the world cup though, some interesting matches with the seldom class that hovers around the big match players and the vital games. Though 1.30 IST hurt, but got through with little hiccups.

Went through some invigorating movies to laud myself. Bit of weaver stuff as my appetite for versatility keeps growing :).
Feeling about money and making money are 2 very different things in life, 2 such films played a frivolous penchant to my bickered thought process.
‘Wolf of Wall Street’ was a Scorsese chaos with a stunning collage of characters woven in dollars, drugs and pussy. It had a rawness about the protagonist, not to mention his incredible ability to persuade and destruct his instincts with an insatiable orgy towards the inimitable greed.
Oliver Stone’s Wall Street is more sober, yet punches in intrigue with oodles of human tussle that involves ego, deceit and vengeance through convulsive relationships. Yet again, greed is a component that emerges as a human parasite. Extinguished but never withers away to defy a comeback.
Though a Scorsese patriot, Stone’s Wall Street was more real in terms of pudding versus pie tussle.

Lot more happened, and I could just about remain reclusive as work treated me as its host with lot to unravel. And, continues, that is.

54 CW glories, the pinnacle at Lords and the nadir in Manchester, Djokovic’s Wimbledon triumph, Hockey India’s march till Australia put paid to the illuminating hopes.
My Blu-ray orders that never erodes away, Calcutta’s rain which defines intermittent oscillation through our mandate chores.
WWDC was more mellowed to replenish our expectations, iOS 8 means less as much as a device that would pour more that intends to carry 8 with aplomb.
Apple is all set to end my wait for a 5.5 iPhone, hopefully it transcends to a kettle of revolution that once made my 4 flaunt with incorrigible pride. It still remember my stores saying – ‘the days of iPhone 4 were an absolute chaos, and few around knew what an iPhone would do for them in the next few years’. Do I say more? Don’t think I have to.
I must say that Samsung Note 4 could tease the next iPhone (not as much as Google Glass did to re-imagine our tech tooth) but I would like to see an overhaul for the latter.

My in transit relationship with a voice over awaits in the next few weeks, and am waiting for an even quicker backlash. For now, if that gives you reason enough to sit through for my next.

Random, again.

Long time coming but good things usually a take a turn while the next is due within the ballet☺.

I probably have too many things under the platter but chose to exclaim while others decide amongst themselves.

Leaders on a prowl as the nation await yet another swagger from our elected blade. Not a great political aficionado but certainly want a nation with a better person to lead, crunch and mess as required (not necessary to be in the order prescribed!). Hear shouts and slogans; want them to speak with actions and whips (for a change). Like all, I wait to ponder.

IPL begins yet again, oops. Well, let’s talk something else now.

Past few weeks have been quite endangered, and relatively dull. Not sure why and how, as these sensibilities do not proclaim to be my pals often. Yet, lived them with a sitter of an attitude, and helped blessed connotations regain control. Grained, weather conditions, people change, culture changes, small battles with little gain, souring temperatures (in and out), gloated path ways and a light at the end of the tunnel. Truly, quite impressive, I must say.

Worth mentioning is the field day I had with my boys in a cricket field after hiatus. Battling sapping heat and handicapped self, it was fun to be crackling again with whims and crooks. I relived my younger days with prejudices of a known specie and was worth a million smiles.

A visit to Sikkim was meant to be a rocker and we didn’t disappoint ourselves. Rather, would have chosen to succumb to my premonitions and advertise the Sikkim sojourn in to helm the impact on a brighter paradigm. The week was a bygone with flourish and a great memorabilia.

Keep flushing the pages and I will be right back.