Shadows of a City

‘Chekka Chivantha Vaanam’ is a bloody and furious take on the current political pounding that looms large over the state of Tamil Nadu. Raw power, lack of a legacy, absence of a true leader, distrust, insolent drama and uninhibited chaos.

As much as you despise and would like to dethrone the dishonesty of the characters, I fell in love with their shadows. Shadows – who deep down, were conniving, evil and disparingly susceptible.

the drive through shot

Indeed, doesn’t appear though. I think it’s more to do with the aura than anything else. Long standing giant amidst an ageing and growing metropolis. #calcuttadiaries



why have we made such a fuss about a mere cricket player who is just about 5 feet above the ground level, has endorsements to his name just like any other superstar celebrity world over would and tweet our heart out on his every morning siesta lasting till end of night?

well, if the cricketer in question is Sachin, then he is a far cry from our usual cricketers that hog the limelight and get swayed off it. Sheer tenacity to last and bat since 1989, plunder runs in every cricket ground of the world, carrying monumental aspirations of a nation that goes insane over cricketing overhauls and a career that has always been under the scanner for every move he makes (on and off the field), he remains our legend of a fairy tale.

for a while, lets not talk about his on field aura, for now that is. he makes news if he tows, sneezes and gulps. his personal preferences become national gimmicks. his stature provokes a coaxial movement that forces the constitution to enhance a mandate and a rival cricketing continent endows their most coveted prize upon him.

well, the story has just begun. almost re-written every batting milestone, 70% of Indian victories during 1995-2010 had his proverbial knocks of extreme bliss, his ton would hand over an Indian victory 6 out of 10 times. 55% of his tons have come on foreign soil and has given us a win-lose ratio of 4:6. we don’t keep a count of his MOMs any more and he has scored more world cup runs than anyone else who has played Cricket in this planet. comparisons with ‘The Don’ and his failure to become the most wanted leader that India kept searching in him ran in tandem veins. yet, he remains a symbol of solidarity. for the ‘Country’ and ‘Cricket’.

phew, yet his career remains scrutinized. now we ask for his head, demand him to hang up his boots as few of his shots in the (in)ceremonious IPL can give any youngster a run for his moolah!

As someone rightly stated – “legends are not born, they come screeching out of the womb with a stick in hand to rule the world and hit themselves when they are down, a-la phoenix act.”

Glad, you are 40! you deem to become wiser and one step ahead in embracing immortality.

If at all we could think..!!??

I was passing through my routine exploration of this enigmatic planet when I came across a fact forgotten by our vehement statisticians who love to dissipate facts from fiction in a glorious manner ; this one was good enough to have me surprised and stunned at the same frame.

How many of us realize the roots of the most adorable words chanted so passionately by every individual in our country?

sāre jahān se acchā hindostān hamārā
ham bulbulain hai is ki, yeh gulsitān hamārā

Those eternal phrases have been a part of our mundane lives ever since we were born; taught by parents, instilled by teachers and provoked by many as the anthem of a patriotic who lives to die for his proverbial nation.
Sounds very very encouraging; but have we ever sat to discuss about our roots? Are we at all interested to know where we hail from? Raving about our laurels and battles won on a 15th August would never proclaim us on the map of patriotism (Please read positively as: Fanatics).

The legendary words are extracted from Alama Mohammed Iqbal’s (authentically familiar to this world as Alama Iqbal: One of the greatest and ultimate pioneers of the Islamic community in India) poem, which has unofficially become our country’s national anthem. Those words are uttered by our luminaries at celebrated occasions to depict the face of ‘India’; orators, authors and governments utilize it as an aid to establish the country in a turmoil of acute adversity.

Yet, how many of us are aware of this awesome piece of crucial fact? Oblivion is the word I could use in this scenario of atonement. Do we all realize where we come from? And do we also realize that the soup we are in from a cultural and socio-economic perspective is so self cultivated? Our mirrors are shattered, yet we take immense pride in declaring our images as blemish-less.

The mere greed of nepotism and superficial status has led to the current state of affairs; roots and legacy have taken a back seat. Ignorance and cruel value system has taken center-stage.

Any clue where we are heading towards?? Do we have a vision to progress or are we merely taking all the brilliance of our generations towards a world of nullified galaxies?

I am worried; sorry, I am not. I am famished for a reason to fight and conquer battlefields.

Presentations could be juvenile yet vulnerable..

It is my firm conviction that presentations in any form, catering to a larger spectrum of the elite and educative crowd has it’s own charismatic influence in a very subtle yet appealing manner. Many might beg to differ, but my stand on this aspect of the competency remains unruffled.

Presentations need not be very formal unless you are trying to rejuvenate yourself in front of a crowd that understands and means only ‘business’. Similarly, a jovial crowd could go berserk if they are not kept entertained by the exploits of the host/moderator. That is where the ‘WIFM’ factor comes in to the picture. ‘WIFM’ indicates ‘What’s in for me’ aspect in this whole episode that can either take you for a ride or enthrall you. So, inevitably, you would be the cynosure of all eyes, as the host and as an aspiring listener who has loads of expectations to deal with.

The following are a MUST for any presentation (not necessarily in the prescribed order):

  • Never have apprehensions, they could prove to be hindrances.
  • As a presenter, you are the boss and take charge nonchalantly. Be confident.
  • Keep the ‘WIFM’ factor in mind and stick to basics.
  • Thumb rule – Look in to the eyes of the audience and convey the acceptability factor.
  • Decide the mode of your presentation: Your oratory skills or the content displayed. Crowd would never be interested in both.
  • Always have the time in check; it’s obvious to get carried away but you do not have the prerogative to snatch somebody else’s allotment.
  • Keep the introduction short and sweet; do not let them count the chickens before they hatch.
  • Start emphatically and end with a purpose.
  • Interact with the target audience and make them feel comfortable; your intention is to engage them fruitfully, not to guide them to monotony.
  • Sense of humor is always an added advantage; never try to overdo it.
  • Never dominate but be assertive and remind them that you call the shots here.
  • Passion facilitates but emotions could deplete your vigor. Energy supplied should be used to gain momentum and garner the right content.

This is a result of my exposure to attain expertise and I am hopeful that it would add the required sheen to the fraternity of speakers who intend to deliver with panache.

What makes life worth living it for..??

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions which is more frequently ignored. I think it’s time we start putting a heavy price tag on ourselves, for what we are, for what we have achieved phenomenally in all these years of voracious learning and start paying tributes to our capabilities, which by far, can never be overshadowed by anybody who aspires to take pride in what he is, rather than bestow his prejudices on others to prove otherwise.

I am probably not saying it because I am confidence personified, but more so, because I have come to believe that others are supremely talented and have the ability to flourish under any given circumstances. Here I go..!!?? That’s the catch here. ‘Any given circumstances’ could be misleading though for quite a few, who precariously lose their nerves during those few anxious moments of their own illuminating lives, thereby resulting in an aftermath that is encouraging to none. Moreover, it leaves a legacy behind, which is not worth carrying forward to our prospective champion generations. Aahh..!!! There I go… How can legacy be ignored?? We all are capable in our own rights, thanks to the legacy we all have so secretly admired, yet do not have the courage to vehemently accept it. That concludes that we only have the rights and the self confessed authority to be perfect examples to others, and let people be aware that we are immensely proud of our credentials, which obviously has not been very easy to acquire and practice.

My dear friends, I am not appealing to you all, I am just cajoling the ‘YOU’ inside everybody, which is extremely subtle and delicate, yet more powerful and strong to overcome any apocalypse this world has ever known.

I want my uTube back..

When my usual tryst with uTube commenced today morning, I was stunned to see a new look version of the legendary library. To compound problems further, I was shocked and bewildered to find that the URL links for my concurrent downloads were conspicuously missing.

Omigosh!!!?? Please don’t tell me that the pre-beta and the subsequent beta versions would lack this phenomenal feature for worldwide downloads. That would be nothing short of a catastrophe and I would perhaps be one of the greatest calamities of this new look uTube, which is evidently a result of 8 months of innovative thought process and huge number of experiments/implementations before they arrived at this juncture.

But freaks, while I appreciate and shower accolades for your new invention out of this popular idiot forum for the fraternity, I would be elated if you give my old yet convincing and simpler uTube back…!!!

I have and would always admire technological innovations on any tool that is as revolutionary as the uTube (it boasts of a new enriched look with high definition quality, improved streaming performance, better organizer of your favorite videos/movies and increased bandwidth), but I would insist on retaining certain features that makes uTube one of the most proverbial and influential tools for browsing entertainment all over the world.

So far, my frantic search for the URL’s has been a futile effort and the embedded links/html code are of little use. I did take myself through the official blog but that only raved about it’s new and improved features, but not a hint of existence about my baby…!!

Please don’t create an orphan out of me when the whole world is consumed by the guardian..!!

Awaiting the comeback!

An experiment with life (Not an excerpt)..

If you closely look at the numerous causes for pandemonium around our lives, evidently all roads would lead to ‘Us‘. And we, the ‘humans’, god’s most superlative creature in this planet earth, strive to make things worse, with an outside and a rear perspective to design things in a personalized fashion. And, we are quite emphatic in declaring ourselves as the greatest risk takers this world has ever witnessed.

And, I am quite jubilant about this self confessed yet a dynamic fact of our self consumed and so called vivacious lives. By stating this phenomenon of human creed, please do not jump in to an inane conclusion to declare that I am a pessimist. No, by all means, I am one of the most vigorous optimists venturing around the vicinity. But, if you sit down for a while and think about the repercussions of human achievements, you will realize that I am talking sense, and with loads of reality stuck to it.

Agriculture, Industries, Space & Moon, Sports, Technological Masterfinds, Education, Medicine, Hospitality, Aviation; we have made rapid progress in every conglomerate mentioned here. And we would continue to make rapid strides in these fields and excel, but we would still struggle to find an answer to the most infamous yet intriguing syndrome of ‘Global Warming’. At the most we can find innovative precautionary measures to confront this disaster, but we all should realize that the aftermath is inevitable. And, it is unanimously encouraged, driven and compounded by human desires and the insatiable quality to invent at the expense of something which is natural and deep rooted.

Yet, man is the quintessential brain child behind god’s most ambitious projects in the planet. Moreover, humanity strives through the entire process of crucification to maintain the desired equilibrium, that is further ramified to maintain the ecological balance of our fraternity in a cordial fashion. Huh! Quite logical and sensible, though sounds insane to me..!!

But despite me pondering over these nuances of life, I hate to admit that I am an integral part of the same damn society that believes in mincing words when it matters most and fight over trivial issues for centuries. Talking about ‘sex’ is still considered to be taboo and we are repeatedly reminded about the exploits of our great generations (forefathers) that behold us for the next 100 years. Sounds absurd, doesn’t it..?? We would swear about our culture and still continue to relinquish ourselves from wanting to get acquainted about certain concepts, which actually make sense and attempt to inculcate common sense. Phew!! But you, me and everyone else are aware that common sense has never been that common. Rather, we have always ignored those facets of life that infuse commonness amongst this so called intelligent clan.

This talk will continue and I would always remain famished for such write ups that invoke human thought process and tinkle our nerves to decide better. For themselves, for others and for the fulfillment of the entire mankind.

Frenzy IPL Engulfs Nation

The 3rd edition of IPL invokes the kind of expectations and thrill, which is reminiscent of the extravaganza that began couple of years back with pomp and glamour.

Frankly, IPL has never interested me. I belong to the authentic school of copybook cricket and sincerely vouch for tests and ODI’s. For me, test cricket would always remain the premier edition of the game and 50 over matches are certainly a part of folklore now.  But 20-20, well, I tend to have my reservations about this format that has the taken the game to a new pinnacle by becoming one of the proverbial and biggest money spinners in the sporting fraternity. But nevertheless, the world and the cricket fraternity looks at it from the entertainment perspective and it definitely does pull the crowds in large numbers.

Even though I do not follow IPL with the usual zest, but as a hardcore cricket buff, I do keep track of the proceedings. I vehemently favor KKR and ‘Mumbai Indians’ (Those who are avid readers of my blog would realize the obvious reason behind it). Both these teams have not been very successful in their last 2 ventures here (KKR had a tumultuous tourney last year) and I am sure they would look forward to set this record straight. Honestly, I do not have a track of the 11 names in each of the teams, but would make sincere attempts to peek in. There is this huge element of uncertainty over the performance of the teams in this tournament. Some peak early and lose their way amidst chaos, pressure and expectation. Few pick up late and gradually become consistent. So it is imperative that we do not jump in to conclusions by looking at the results and the figures of the first 10 games. Even the tournament sort of settles down and gets in to the groove after the first few games have gone past. As I said, these are early days to decide upon a favorite, but we expect the defending champions to deliver and few others who have had the right combination to win the crucial ones and progress.

Let the IPL crusade begin.