Hazy, yet not saying it’s not clear. Confused, yet clarity hides behind the cushion covers of the holy mind.

Dazzling, yet not impressive enough to torment achievements and wake them from sleep to google inventions. Rusty, because too much is still not enough to consume riveting stories.

Perplexed with such goodness around you, the anti still lives to see some life and squeak through for blemish-less happiness. Yet, good times ahead.


yes, devouring and notable moments often come uninvited, unintended and lasts for time enough to truncate the no nonsense period to a forgettable, interesting and often, trivial endeavors.

no, not counting on them. just getting the nuances set for the days that promise sunshine, lots of jelly fish, some time idle and lots of time to introspect.

not really, but this isn’t the moment of truth to pen such lines of fetish ponies that get you deprived of the exuberance that you thrive on. to survive, and to creep ahead.

that reminds me, am late and the saga continues. I am awake with a difference, I am thinking for a cause and fighting to keep the purpose alive.

yes, that again reminds me, I will, by the way, survive to see the end of the tunnel that appears to be the brightest in a saddle of imperious madness.

apparently, yes, I will. the morning is here to call and I responded. Minus smile, plus the grin.