perfection lives through ignorance

Perfection does not lead you to oblivion, it gets you closer to it. Doesn’t matter how long you practiced it, you will fall short as long as excellence chases you.

It isn’t naïve to believe am not perfect, no one is. When people say ‘I am Perfect’, it means the individual is good at something that you are not. He is better, probably much better, but isn’t God. You are good at something he almost doesn’t practice but you don’t tell him. You either don’t care or you can’t. You are mortal.

I say ‘am perfect’ 100 times in a day. The other person across doesn’t respond, not because he isn’t perfect but he fears that revealing the core definition of perfection might self-inflict a sense of animosity towards the integration of human behaviour. Saying ‘I am’ is much easier than saying ‘I am not’.

Nothing is perfect, at the sub conscious level. Work without policies, roads without rules, night without day, shade without trees, achievements without failures. All of these is something we all would like to happen but the tide is never on your side, so is the story here.

Perfection has no alibi. You can be near prefect, be the champion in what you do, encapsulate theories through the palm of your hand and be a master story teller. But, yet, still, no alibi. No persuasion. No stimulants.

Random genius, an act of isolated phenomena, an occurrence coming out from lady luck, camouflage, acts out of prejudice. None is perfection.

Being despicable isn’t an invited proposition, never with perfection. But can glide over, when required. Not inane, but certainly susceptible.

Yes. I agree. My days are far away, and reachable. 

People, Kindly Spare Some Time to Read This Email. Let’s Help this Person (Strictly NOT in Financial Terms).

From: brigadier. ptgangadharan <>

Date: Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 1:35 PM
Subject: PLEASE HELP!!
To: “R/ Adm. Sanjiv Kapoor , Delhi” <>

Hello friends,

I have a very noble cause behind sending this mail to all of you.Please spare some time to read through it.
I met a guy named Mr. Ravi Shankar on the train when I was returning from chennai on 26th of December, 2008. I was having a regular chat with him regarding the Army and its rules and regulations and how the forces are admired in our country.
He then told me about a shocking tragedy that his family went through and hence I write this mail to you seeking your help.
He told me that he was posted in CAR-NICOBAR in the year 2004 as a seargent in the INDIAN AIR-FORCE. On 26th of december that year his family fell victim to the Unfortunate Tsunami that struck out eastern coast.He along with his wife and two children(photo attached) were washed in the deadly waters.Reaching out his wife managed to cling onto a tree but his small son(picture insight on the left)had swallowed too much water and passed away in her arms.
Ravi also in desperation to swim lost grip of his daughter’s(APURVA) hand. She was washed away and was never to be found again,until one day they came to know of her being sighted at a relief camp. On contacting the authorities they came to know that this little girl was abducted from the relief camp and was missing again. Since then Mr. Ravi shankar has been travelling to chennai every year with a hope to see his daughter.
He has been publishing MISSING columns in major daily’s in chennai,and he showed me how heavily these newspapers had a charged him for a those ad’s. One of the major newspapers charged him a whooping amount of 12000 rupees for a 4 X 4 cm ad(that too on the fourth page). Please do not consider this mail a regular chain mail and do care to forward this to your near and dear ones. He requested me to do something to reach out to people who use e- media (internet etc.).I myself have posted her picture on my blog and i request people who own there personal blog pages to post this girl’s picture there as it could be of significant help. In case any news of any nature is found regarding her (APURVA) please drop in a mail at the below mentioned mail id’s or the following address. Attached picture is APURVA’s picture taken in year 2004 with her younger brother.

Kindly forward this to as many contacts as you can.

1. James mathew(
2. Amit kumar ( )
3. khem chandra pan ( )

Or contact:
SMQ – 17/2
NEW DELHI-110062
Phone no – 09868763263