Is adequacy a deterrent?

As events come to a close with 2011, I have been quite evasive in introspection (though it has never been a forte). Me, to remain as I, has been a conflict of sorts with battling aspirations.

I am denying a dud of a 2011 but have my reservations to claim it as an accomplishing one. Fighting yourself is a greater challenge than fighting tangible components of physical influences. Your capabilities slew away from your inhibitions to confront questions of meagre yet astounding nature. Few, I answered. Few, I am struggling to. Many, I cease to avoid with timid corners.

With all the cordial occurrence in close quarters, I got to know myself better. I suffer from self inflicted supreme chaotic syndrome, and honestly, bear this possession with titanic pride. Moreover, realised that PPP (patience, perseverance, potent) have become my ferocious allies with seldom prick. I battle, get down, again battle, fend but not brood (I am guilty of not acquiring this attribute in it’s infancy) and decide to have faith in abilities with the right compass.

As 2011 eclipses and 2012 surfaces unsurmountable desires, I prepare to get myself equipped with instincts of my own.

As I enter the memphis amidst self, I take the onus on me to wish all my readers, a courageous and phantom 2012!

Lifeoholic’s memoirs..

Our ability to emote is a variable widget in our lives. It’s preinstalled but comes in to use depending upon the circumstances and the kind of people we are surrounded by. I, conspicuously and by finesse of nature, am not an emotional creature. But, moments of poignancy does take its toll. When it did evolve this week, I was stranded precariously. And to my fluid pride, my battle with human relationships continues to amaze me.

I believe, places have souls. Cities breath a different aura of tenacity and I get myself constantly sucked in to it’s culture. The same feeling waved along as my third visit to the Charminar city plunges in to some fine moments of my life.

I am not a person who solemnises ceremonies. I conduct myself to the highest order, when confronted with one though. And this time, my presence was a prerogative as I watched my little angel getting in to a holy movement of quick distress and vital fulfilment. I wasn’t very me as the usual phonetics embedded within me gave away to the little one’s grimaces. All well, alright, but for me, it was a resident feeling. Never do I let myself in for such occasions but this one invited itself for a rare celebration and my obligation was customary.

I felt like adulthood was basking itself in such organic gestures and once more, I salute the DNAs for drafting what’s inherent of myself. Being so very human.


Not a self confessed gardener, but for the past few days, these plants that grace the upper stilt of our residence have shown some affection towards me.

Mom and sis would be very proud :).

An attempt to Rejuvenate Humanity..

My visit to Cheshire Home, located in the sprawling outset of Tiruvanmiyur, is simply an attempt to rejuvenate myself, as an individual and more importantly, to redeem the social and human values, embedded within me. It has indeed been an enriching experience, ever since I started visiting this Home few years back. There is a unique serenity about this place, that fascinates me and spending some time amongst them makes me feel very relaxed, there is an utmost level of satisfaction that I continue to experience. My contribution might be very trivial as a whole, but it certainly helps in viewing life from a very different perspective altogether.
I have always believed that we all have lot of compassion within us, but thanks to the inevitable and insatiable desires of the human creed, we simply do not realise, that these are some of the most inherent qualities that a human being possesses. And we need to revitalise these feelings within us, in a timely manner.
I guess, this is my way of doing justice to what we actually are, ordinary people with extraordinary emotions, shared implicitly within ourselves.
I am definite and I pray that this desire of mine never gets extinct, throughout my life.