Has Apple Dis-Evolved?

I am not sure, but am quite certain. A company and the co founder who were once emphatically accused of ambushing other products are in a wave of jilted revolution. If I can say that.

Even though Apple is a super power and Steve Jobs’s DNA is the foundation of this company. But it is clearly visible that the ecosystem of the company has changed. Well, we call it adaptability in modern, naive terms. But I wonder, how Apple would have shaped up if Steve was still alive. Not the other Steve (chuckles).

Jobs once said, the most beautiful instruments ever produced in this world are our ‘fingers’. But Apple does promote a stylus these days – not saying they vigorously propagate it, but just saying. He was against big screen iPhones – makers like Nokia and Samsung were torched in his keynotes. I hold a Plus in my hand as I pen down these words. iPad was never going to

Make it beyond 9.7”. We now have an almost 13” Pro looming over us. The once spectacularly announced Shuffle and Nano have been relegated to in- shelf status, I am being nice by saying they are not obsolete. I have a gut feeling, the touch will soon be a product of the past though we might still have consumers who like to substitute the iPhone for a cheaper alternative. I would say, it is a poor man’s iPhone.

Mac Mini exists but then, they are like the crocodiles in the zoo. They are visible when everything around is dead and silent. Apple TV is trying to unleash rejuvenation but they are doing it in a painful pace. 2017 is late.

Next week, we might see 3 iPhones. The third one – not sure what it is touted to be but it marks the 10th year anniversary of the iconic phone. More surprises, design changes and iOS 11. But, revolutionary. I don’t think so. In fact, this was Steve Jobs’ favourite word that made the WWDC’s a rage in those days.

Different Pods are making their debut. Air Pods, Home Pods, and of course, the Watch. Never been a big admirer of the watch though.

I won’t give the WWDC a miss next week, but my memories of an Apple Keynote will never be the same again.

how much is really enough?

There was a time when we had no internet, no sprawling streaming sites asking to you get glued and no mobile operators. I guess, life was much simpler then, sans mayhem and greed.

Today, the crucial question is – how much data is enough data? Just when you settled in for 2 GB and happily going around in a month to ensure you spend judiciously, out comes this huge, iconic announcement that changes everything. Customers are bull dozed with data, and just more data, luring customers to go crazy and ask for more. Trust me, 100 GB is not good enough today.

What has changed? Why this surge in data consumption and the drive to possess beyond limits?

I don’t know, may be you can answer better. Or may be, we are just changing. Remember, supply always is meant to meet the demand. We, as consumers have become in-delectably addicted to this urge of being glued to our mobile phones – sizes galore and so does our data in our disposal. We do everything, yes, almost everything with our mobile phones. We have become device maniacs.

We pay bills, we whatsapp all day, we FB like there’s no eternity, we tweet like hell, we check and send emails, we stream and download movies, we do music, we create presentations, we read news, sometimes we just browse – nothing to everything. See, I told you. We do everything with our mobile data.

Now we know, why this evolution that has led to a revolution!! Gosh, we have become paranoid, big data junkies who start the day with GBs and end it with just more and more GBs.

I am profoundly and fondly guilty of data consumption, are you? We are talking now.