CPL Finals, 19th June 2009

The much awaited face off between Ruby and Diamond took place today, on a pleasant morning of the 19th of June, 2009. In the end, the Diamond team emerged triumphant, by scoring a comprehensive victory (by 5 wickets) over the Ruby’s. The Ruby’s won the toss and batted first. They were off to a decent start, before the fall of wickets crumbled their pace. It was a disciplined bowling performance from the Diamond’s, who kept taking wickets at regular intervals to halt Ruby’s run scoring spree. Moreover, 3 run outs proved to be a bit too many for the Ruby’s and they paid the price for it. Ruby’s could not put up a substantial score on the board and 82 was never going to be a threat in these pitches. After initial hiccups, couple of good partnerships put paid to Ruby’s hopes and the Diamond’s romped home with 5 wickets and 3.3 overs to spare.

I would gladly admit that the team that played better cricket on the particular day won and all credit to the Diamond’s for a commendable performance.
Looking forward to the next tournament with utmost eagerness.
Till then, Take Care and Goodbye!

CPL Kick Off 30th May 2009

The CPL Cricket Tournament kicked off in style on 30th May 2009 in the outset of Taramani Railway Station, amidst lot of glitz and glamour. 3 teams compete in the round robin matches, before the 2 best teams clash in the finals to bag the coveted trophy. This tournament was initiated by a bunch of sports enthusiasts, who strictly feel that ‘All Work & No Play’ makes all of us very dull indeed..!! The Outcome – Players compete in the battlefield, for the sake of entertainment and to showcase their cricketing skills. Check out the snaps in the Gallery. Watch out for more in the coming weeks…!!!

  • Ruby: Kaleel, Sivakumar, Shunmugavel, Venkatesh Prabhu, Sarath, Sunil Kumar V, Karthik, Rathnam, Mansoor, Raaj Sree Ram, Ramganesh, Santosh.
  • Diamond: Guru, Subramaniam, Prabu, KapilDev, Sanjev, Ramananda, Murali, KumaraSarma, Sriram, Thulasi, Dilip, Sivasankar, Radhakrishan.
  • Platinum: Mohamed, Abuthahir, Ajith, Arun, Dhanaram, Harish, Himath, Jaishankar, Kowshik, Krithik, Rex, Vidhyasagar.

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