The Unsung Martyr

He was not just a revolutionary, he was a visionary and an exemplary leader who was an epitome of courage and resilience. His contribution to history was much beyond our road to Independence and the adversity of being caught in a web of political dominance that saw his ultimate oblivion in a disgraceful fashion.

He remains, a ‘Cultural Icon of his Times’ and a ’National Hero’, who paved the way for leadership and audacity.

Happy Birthday, Netaji!


How close can you get to defy odds for someone you never knew?

Freakish, but such uninhibited intimacy is seldom found in mortals.

‘Close’ enough!

Guilt Beyond Justice?

The greatest sinner on this planet earth survived justice. But considering them bleakly human, were they guilty?

A story of irreversible pain and pay back, a singular and historic man hunt to capture the most dangerous Nazi officer (after the man himself) and bring him to justice for what is best described as ‘monstrously beyond human crimes’.

I wish, if all covert operations (so called) could bring justice to every apocalypse that we have witnessed so far.

Historically, the series of events depicted are not very accurate. I doubt if such powerful people with insane levels of animosity could sway away with emotional quotient. I am not asking for a saint, I just want to understand the devil better.

Gun City

Aptly worded. People, circumstances and guns.

1920s. Barcelona. Political unrest, fight for freedom and liberation. The bloodshed between anarchists and cops. Both wanted peace, but never knew how to get it. Ideals and loyalty existed but we wanted more. Greed and power struggle replaced the former. Result? Another massacre of law and innocent people.

Road to Discovery

A story that takes you through a journey of hope, introspection and understanding relationships. Matured, teenagers or seniors – it’s all about perspectives in life. It’s not being right or wrong, good or bad. Be yourself, satisfaction will follow suit.


It is a story of a provocative writer, an extremely sensitive human being and above all, a victim of the evil time.

Saadat Hasan Manto’s story deserves to be told, heard and understood. Well, the context first, the writer later.

You can burn the screens, but can we destroy the conscience?

Colours of 2018

As I bid goodbye to this year (few hours to go), I would like to remember the year with a sense of mixed emotions.

I enjoyed embracing the usual suspects of life – Instability, greasy starts, disappointments, progressive altar, some wonderful moments with family, watching my son grow another year older, seeing ourselves evolving as parents (my wife is a better parent by all means), and the everlasting hopes of the next year bettering its predecessor.

I am done with words, let’s see my 2018 through these pictures which obviously are far more expressive, more fascinating and much more refined than my quintessential words.

Happy New Year fellas! Cheers.