trivial jovial encounters of little value and subsidized proportions keep us happy and glee.There is a reason why.

we like complicated matters and love insanely huge adventures but when our lives become complicated, we tend to shy away and hate spotlight.

Cynosure of all eyes gives you the edge to differentiate and glory separates you. it is also a journey of pain and perseverance, battle of mind and mouth, stretch of energy and gigs.


Inseparable love, indomitable pose, blessing in abundance, the queen of all triumphs.

Year on year, she is the sanity check of our lives, and the hope that evil will die, sometime, someday. Perhaps, forever.

The epitome of goodness, she is a sign of redemption for the self destructive urban bane.

She came, she conquered, she left with a poise and promise. We are left behind, with an equally daunting promise to deliver and keep the fervor alive.

The space we created outside our conjunctive lives of fear and torment.
Kill exuberance and invite dying hormones to play with our inner strength. then get infected, and blame the inevitable as an excuse for rustling endurance.

We endorse scattered desires, we love the red and enjoy the emptiness around. But despise our failures for not having enough sunshine around.

Why lay around when we have brightness living ahead? You always have a choice.

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