Miles apart and in different geographies. Yet, message of divinity remains the same. Belief and retrospection are relatively conjunctive. Yet, being human is so damn difficult. Why us? Let’s be we.

I love the red, blue isn’t bad either. But the combination could be lethal is evident from this telling drive through shot. Menacingly hot.

Empty roads, high hopes and faltering values. They are like the sky, different shades, different moods. But they have something in common. Each of them stood the test of time to vanquish the vagaries of life.

The flashy overtone makes sense. We must confess that it’s seldom used. We only get flat brains and foul mouth. Oops! Am not talking about the zooming road lines here. # rbtl

Run time has been indefinite, not sure how many times I have driven through this indispensable landmark. Every time, it gives you this ‘new’ feeling of spurious elegance. Awe stuck, hovering large with take away memories.

My city of bread and butter (that was), breeding ground is better put, the growing metropolis that remains an elusive part of my story. Things have not changed much though. Traffic is trending downwards, hotness is lateral and opportunities bring thousands to this bilingual city like Usain Bolt. Not me, but the connect is high octane.

Moment of glory is often found behind the carpet of conspicuous darkness. Ironically subtle, the moon-ly feeling makes it creepier.

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