monday haters

yes, we hate monday. gosh, why do mondays come at all?
good question – but think, can we survive without a monday? no, seriously, think.

if there is no monday, there will be no tuesday, wednesday and so on.
take monday out of the week, rest of the days will lose their sheen.
we have a monday, that’s reason enough why sunday is the most loved day.
monday is the reason to live, dream, fantasize, contemplate, introspect.

if monday is a holiday, tuesday becomes monday and thus begins the overlap.
the ecosystem goes for a toss if there is no monday.
monday is the predator of our lives, we live because monday exists. we hope because we have a monday. we plan on a monday. we conceptualize on monday.

monday is the most susceptible and most powerful.
give it a skip and your momentum for the week is lost. week is defined by monday.
monday is glimmer of opportunities for those waiting in the wings.
you miss monday, you miss a gallon of propositions.

monday is the beginning of your future.
stock markets, hospitality, education – all thrive for monday.
monday is the start, you can’t stop if you don’t start.
monday is your key to success.
monday is everything.

my monday is fab, how’s you?

the portugal moment

Not sure why, but Portugal victory is the fairy tale story of Euro 16. Minus Ronaldo, the team showed you can still be magic on field. Maiden Euro, getting better of France in 41 years is crazy. #till2020