little, very little, immensely little.
Yet, you provoke me, you juggle me, you toggle me with no ends.

i feel those soft hands, soft legs, soft sponge like touch,
get immersed every time you take a glance at me whilst other chores,
carrying you every time in my arms and lap is a outlandish feeling caressed over multiple borders.

vicious circle, I know. but all the more consuming and pervasive.
i cannot be with you all the time, but want to be with you all the time.
yes, all the time. you will get to know me, one day,
i know you everyday. i do. so imminently.

if love was a single unanimous verdict, it would be you.
you are a part of me, and you are my emergence of virtue.

Probably, the most hyped date in the world. No vintage urn, just being eroded with the most consumate word in our lives – love.

Nothing against love though. Neither do I have anything unceremonious against people loving each other. We must, we do, we will. But are we serving the purpose is the question here. If I love someone, why do it just for a day? Rather, why all this propaganda for the people you love when the person you love knows you do? Do we have to make this public? I am not looking for an answer, am trying to introspect. And find answers within. You must unless you really want the advertisers and purgative offers to exploit you. 

 I think global world is devout of the whole Valentine stigma, and we like sticking our nose out to smell something that’s out of box. Or, can I say, out of mind. In fact, that’s exactly what I meant.

In an age when love is no more than a mere four letter word, we need just you and me to say ‘I Love You’. Keep it simple, and keep it true.