ah! those moments..

little, very little, immensely little.
Yet, you provoke me, you juggle me, you toggle me with no ends.

i feel those soft hands, soft legs, soft sponge like touch,
get immersed every time you take a glance at me whilst other chores,
carrying you every time in my arms and lap is a outlandish feeling caressed over multiple borders.

vicious circle, I know. but all the more consuming and pervasive.
i cannot be with you all the time, but want to be with you all the time.
yes, all the time. you will get to know me, one day,
i know you everyday. i do. so imminently.

if love was a single unanimous verdict, it would be you.
you are a part of me, and you are my emergence of virtue.

What’s in a 14?

Probably, the most hyped date in the world. No vintage urn, just being eroded with the most consumate word in our lives – love.

Nothing against love though. Neither do I have anything unceremonious against people loving each other. We must, we do, we will. But are we serving the purpose is the question here. If I love someone, why do it just for a day? Rather, why all this propaganda for the people you love when the person you love knows you do? Do we have to make this public? I am not looking for an answer, am trying to introspect. And find answers within. You must unless you really want the advertisers and purgative offers to exploit you. 

 I think global world is devout of the whole Valentine stigma, and we like sticking our nose out to smell something that’s out of box. Or, can I say, out of mind. In fact, that’s exactly what I meant.

In an age when love is no more than a mere four letter word, we need just you and me to say ‘I Love You’. Keep it simple, and keep it true.


Watching us over, as a mother whose watchful eyes tell us stories of sin, redemption and sanity. 

I am around, so are you. 


nearer to you..

I kind of like the setting sun, goes down but not without achieving the nods and dangling a glimpse of the promise it holds for the next day. 

Life, learn. Days and nights. 

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