Satyamev Jayate: Slogan or statement!?

If I wander across borders in search of peace, will I get quantum or suffice the unknown elements of this planet?

My school gave me the assets that defined the lanes of my life, but conspicuously, they were intangible. Guess, meant to be that way. Present talks language that preach the fetish collages of our celebrated life. Yet, always, seldom, we are plagued by great animosity and the revival of it’s legions in the hand of god. I am blessed and then, I am not.

Country, barriers, values, history, legacy, courtroom, justice and we. I loved combinations till the light of realisation struck that options are like kid’s play, they have moods and are seasonal. Autumn never faced summers, they didn’t because Jesus never said, I don’t sink. East, west, north or south, we remain divided as songs of togetherness lashes our ears at every dawn. Yet, our roots inspire to remain grounded. Is it what we survive for to end up on a side that fights and vents futility?

Every corner of rose petals shed stories of blood, heaven begets gory palettes and we, despite famed coins, are pretentious about ‘aal izz well’ mantra. Is it helping us, you or again us, to poke deluge?

Satyamev Jayate!

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