Mumbai: Common man’s penchant for paradise

The more elusive is the portrayal of Mumbai, the greater becomes the inquisitiveness to garner more about this talked about city in India, and contagiously, the world is equally famished for this provocatively charming hub of social and political interference.

‘Dhobi Ghaat’ resurfaces as yet another depiction of intermingling human relationships and conflicting diversified in this city of vigorous debonair and sultry ambience. ‘People’ have always triggered themselves in to unceremonious situations astonishingly, figure out their own classic ways to come out of it with struggle and ease as their closest aids. This 1 hour 50 minute drama is a bundle of sequences stitched together with few non compromising characters from the versatile strata of our evolving society. I liked it for the way all the characters divulged in to one another in an array of concurrent yet non segmented closets; the simplicity was striking and casting evoked substantial rhythm.

Yet another piece of vibrant cinema in packets of the streets in ‘Amchi Mumbai’ has been a collateral effort. And I am delighted to have such subjects being explored and rendered from the pervasive house of ‘Aamir Khan’.

Goodness has never confined itself to any caste, creed or religion; DG oozes this aspect of our dispensable lives in a poignant fashion.

De-biographically, evolution has been enchanting!

A submissive kid used to be once quite and submerged in self confessed union. He was, reluctantly part of a regular ‘pada’ football match and was oblivious of the concurrent events that was going to change his life. He caught hold of the pervasive ball like ‘Eknath Solkar’ but to his dismay, he was ridiculed to eternity and was unceremoniously rejected out if this entire proposition of playing with pros. He left, sobbing and humiliated.

Few weeks down the line and out of sheer sympathy and pity of discarding a child from being exposed to hopeless opportunities, he was called back and emphatically offered the role of a goal keeper. The amateur failed but showed promise. A year and two frisks past and shockingly in the same fraternity, a soccer game never commenced without the champion player who once sulked in to ominous ignominy of not understanding the crucial chapters of the great game. Gloriously, locals touted him as the little ‘Maradona’. Exaggerated but defines relentlessness and capacity to emerge for contention.

Time moved on, but childhood and adolescence did not prevail adulthood in a day and testimony exuded. The little boy was caught guilty of lying about his gorgeous scorecards that seldom reached dad’s stable and fathers usually hate liars! A corrigible and raunchy hit ruined his self esteem and shattered his nullified aspirations. Yet, that was to become his most important lesson as a relegated student and a bewildered teenager. The fruits, however, are now being reaped with acceptable pride and humility.

Sounds like obvious and known trivia? Subsequent and tranquil episodes to follow suit.