If at all we could think..!!??

I was passing through my routine exploration of this enigmatic planet when I came across a fact forgotten by our vehement statisticians who love to dissipate facts from fiction in a glorious manner ; this one was good enough to have me surprised and stunned at the same frame.

How many of us realize the roots of the most adorable words chanted so passionately by every individual in our country?

sāre jahān se acchā hindostān hamārā
ham bulbulain hai is ki, yeh gulsitān hamārā

Those eternal phrases have been a part of our mundane lives ever since we were born; taught by parents, instilled by teachers and provoked by many as the anthem of a patriotic who lives to die for his proverbial nation.
Sounds very very encouraging; but have we ever sat to discuss about our roots? Are we at all interested to know where we hail from? Raving about our laurels and battles won on a 15th August would never proclaim us on the map of patriotism (Please read positively as: Fanatics).

The legendary words are extracted from Alama Mohammed Iqbal’s (authentically familiar to this world as Alama Iqbal: One of the greatest and ultimate pioneers of the Islamic community in India) poem, which has unofficially become our country’s national anthem. Those words are uttered by our luminaries at celebrated occasions to depict the face of ‘India’; orators, authors and governments utilize it as an aid to establish the country in a turmoil of acute adversity.

Yet, how many of us are aware of this awesome piece of crucial fact? Oblivion is the word I could use in this scenario of atonement. Do we all realize where we come from? And do we also realize that the soup we are in from a cultural and socio-economic perspective is so self cultivated? Our mirrors are shattered, yet we take immense pride in declaring our images as blemish-less.

The mere greed of nepotism and superficial status has led to the current state of affairs; roots and legacy have taken a back seat. Ignorance and cruel value system has taken center-stage.

Any clue where we are heading towards?? Do we have a vision to progress or are we merely taking all the brilliance of our generations towards a world of nullified galaxies?

I am worried; sorry, I am not. I am famished for a reason to fight and conquer battlefields.

The day ‘Ambur’ took us for a ride..

2nd August 2010

All characters in this script are inquisitive, alive and notorious. Any
resemblances to real life characters are to be taken in the healthiest of
stride with a sense of realism.

Principal star cast:

Guruprakash Sampathkumar
Santosh Kumar M
Ather Basha

A conspicuously tiny ride to one of the most imperious leather-beds amidst the
surrogate areas of Chennai was nothing short of a delightful endeavor.

Phase I:
If something irks me to the core, that has to be a date with Mr. Sun very early
in the morning. And today was one such day when my luxuries were at stake;
probably the very sane impression of the aftermath got me going and we (Me
& Guru) boarded the train with an excitement of an eight year old. A
cherubic encounter with the ‘Ticketing Inspector’ notwithstanding, ours was a
journey of candid conversational snapshots (we were occasionally considered to
be lost as both us were deprived of some valuable sleep). As the destination
drew nearer, the hunger reached the pinnacle.

Phase II:
After a ride that lasted close to three hours, Ather was sweet enough to pick 2
hungry bellies and lead us to a place of sanity. After a filling breakfast, we
proceeded towards the first place of interest by the means of mere etiquette:
The host’s residence. After an intended pause, we gathered ourselves to embark
on a journey that could invoke ecstasy. The transport was arranged keeping our
schedule and the associated zing attached to it. The gradual process
reverberated in to an ode of exhibiting our delirious purchasing power as we
pounced on those veritable outlets to grab our paid souvenirs. The more we saw,
the more we kindled; this activity became painstakingly impressive until the
face of few merchandise cultivated our frivolous thoughts in to refined
grassroots. Our rapport with the stores were a situation of envy; Guru was in
to his own as monologues became dialogues and I became so self indulgent which
instigated me to remind myself that at the end of the day, we were just
customers who had that uncanny knack of overruling their opponents (Read:
). And you can quite imagine the show when protagonists on
either side become family. They sold products and we bought elation home.

Phase III:
Stating that the lunch was incredible could be considered as an understatement
of minuscule capacity; we were placed at the unattainable heights of suave
hospitality. Their graceful gestures blew us apart; and we were derailed from
our usual spate of consuming talks. ‘Thank you Ather & Family!’

Summarizing this experience could be a cheeky task; I had a whale of a time,
thanks to Guru and his plan of making this outing happen in such a fashion; I
truly believe that a journey is special, not due to the destined location but
for the brilliant company that you are able to garner for yourself. Today was
one such occasion when the camaraderie was just perfect. We were subjected to
some of the finest consumer products in the recent past and treasuring those
memories would be in a fraternity of its own.


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