Kites – Flies high with style and melodrama

A film by Anurag Basu always invokes curiosity clubbed with expectation. And, usually, he delivers top notch. ‘Kites’ doesn’t disappoint.

The film, primarily made to cater international audience, has strong overtones of a hollywood set up and the exquisite looks suggest the inevitable intentions of the producers.

I would not talk about the script here as there isn’t much to dwell and introspect. An ordinary effort in writing is hugely compensated by lavish locations and the subtle direction of Basu, especially in the second half. The film takes a riveting shape in the latter part and leads to a pulsating yet realistic end. It is not a quintessential love story with the mundane ‘lived happily ever after’ tag line. I liked the way it concluded, for such kind of enterprising and vivid love stories can only have an aftermath that lies in tatters.

The lead cast is the biggest strength of the film and the over reliance could be explicitly visible. The same cannot be said about the supporting characters though. They are pedestrian. Hrithik Roshan as the suave and ambitious young man is fantastic. ‘Fire’ does set the screen of fire and is a treat to watch. Barbara Modi with her effervescent smile looks gorgeous and charming. She’s got talent and has the potential to go a long way in the industry (might not necessarily be in the Indian scenario though). It is imperative that the biggest asset of ‘Kites’ is their sizzling chemistry on-screen. Kangana Ranaut has been thoroughly wasted and I am not sure why she has to accept a special appearance role at this juncture of her career. She is immensely talented and deserves a better deal. Nothing extraordinary about Rajesh Roshan’s music, but couple of numbers are foot tapping. Salim Sulaiman’s background score is predictably good and acquires an above average score.

For me, ‘Kites’ is watchable for two reasons: Hrithik’s on screen exploits and Anurag Basu’s slick direction. That would fetch enough to make it worth the money.

‘Women’ – The epitome of imperious sustenance

They are probably the most unique and special class of human species. And every time I come across their exploits, they impress me to the core.

Usually, in our spectrum of narrow minded inhabitants, we have always acknowledged and expected them to play second fiddle to man. And you can argue that in the wake of 21st century, their existence is more than vital to the prospects of our society and nation. But, we do find an exclusive section of male chauvinist lurking around in every corner of our world. That, for me, is the undeniable truth behind all the positive stories of female oppression and women liberation.

But despite all such formidable facts, they have an edge. Above all, they are the sole source of nourishment behind the inevitable existence of human clan. They play varied and demanding roles; Daughter, Wife, Mother, Mentor, Teacher, Guide, Inspiration. The first three are obviously the most established of all; the others are subjective and precariously intangible. Yet, their excellence in every sphere is staggering. The expectations are always mammoth and sometimes, unreasonable. Questions always lead to mundane answers that satisfy none; rebels are considered to be taboo and unconventional. Yes, we do have few who refute and react, but the percentage is bleak and impact is minimal. Evidently, I have good reasons to believe that the rebellions have happened for a noble cause and to attain higher vicinity in the larger section of this male dominated fraternity.

And mind you, all the roles specified above come with a huge price tag: Sacrifice. Every role has it’s own set of challenges and ordeals; we admit that it is almost impossible to please everyone around. But she manages to do all that with phenomenal ease, and juggling her roles amidst multiple protagonists is not a mean task. She slips in to those characters as if she was born with impeccable skill sets (not that I think otherwise) and getting trained as if it was a cakewalk. Ominous!!

Readers, my intention here is not just to applaud that very sane attitude of a woman, but paying rich tributes to those extraordinary individuals who are an indispensable part of our own lives.

‘Women’: I salute you!

Dismal T20 campaign raises inevitable eyebrows..

I have always vouched my opinion on this aspect of the game in a very strong and sedate manner. Today, I reinstate my conviction.

Unanimously, I request our immensely talented and enthusiastic cricketers to stop indulging in the lousy business of T20 and focus on ‘Cricket’. Mind you, I am not trying to be a hypocrite as our ‘Indian Team’ falter in the early stages of the ongoing T20. At some point of time, I have always criticized the overwhelming emergence of T20 format, which threatens to rob the youngsters of the basics of this great game and paves the way for the extinction of authentic test cricket and probably, bring the shutters down for the 50 over game as well.

Yes, I am speculating. But speculations have often been remembered as dangerously intimidating and I would love to be proven wrong. But after watching the team in two explicitly miserable games, I am convinced that the boys need to come back and study basics. Indian batsman are world renowned for failing to read the shorter deliveries (barring my boss and our wall), but my concern here is that Dhoni’s men have forgotten to read the pitches here. Men in Blue: Please understand that you are currently wilting it out at the Caribbean shores, where the pitches are bouncier and they come in to you much faster than they do in the subcontinent. Especially in Barbados, where the pitch used to be a minefield those days (We had a forgettable test outing in 1997 here where our boys fell like nine pins, chasing 120 in the fourth innings. We got bundled for 88 and our batting line up was considered to be top notch). And, today, for the second consecutive time, our batsman struggled. Our IPL champs (Murali Vijay, Suresh Raina, Yusuf Pathan) were disgusting to watch and have a lot of work to do, more so. since the original and only ‘World Cup’ of cricket is knocking the doors.

I would like to convey the fact to my readers that I am equally fond of our young team and confess that some of them are ominously gifted, but I admit that I do miss the class and elegance of our veterans (Usually, 35+ cricketers are summoned that way in this great game of cricket). We talk about pitches that have bounce and nip back to the batsman, have abundant pace and are ferociously quick, and then we talk about those legendary surfaces in Barbados, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Wellington, Centurion, Wanderers… Sachin, Dravid, Laxman: I missed you today.

The sooner our cricket team and the players realize that there is more to this game than merely slaughtering the ball to all corners of the park, the better for us. I am afraid that if the current generation of cricketers happen to forget all about technique, footwork, agility and hand-eye coordination, then our future generation would be deprived of witnessing the sole definition of world class players and all time greats, who were also widely acknowledged as the greatest entertainers of their times. You can be technically sound and yet be the phenomenon around.

‘Indian Cricket’, please wake up.

We dig the grave and accuse others of getting buried..

Khuda Ke Liye, Sarfarosh, Firaaq, Bombay, Gadar, My Name Is Khan, Mission Kashmir, New York, Shaurya, Rang De Basanti, Delhi 6, Veerzara, Hey Ram, Kurbaan, A Wednesday, Dus Kahaniyan.

What do the above listed blockbusters have in common..?? What makes them much more staggering than mere dramatic sequences in the large repository of the tinsel town..?

Yes, they are all products of very established and talented filmmakers. But there is a single thread that stitches all these flicks together.
All of these portray the infamous friction that has been hovering around two of the most mercurial communities in our country. I would still term them as ‘Communities’, not religion. The plain simple reason being no religion in this world encourages violence and nepotism, but human beings do. Every single barrier discovered and created on the name of caste, creed and socio-economic definitions are credits to superlative human behavior and insane prejudices. And amidst this glorious battle of unscrupulous inhabitants of our great nation, the innocent and the helpless suffer countless atrocities. And to my dismay, this epidemic refuses to die. But my question is, for how long…??
Let’s go back and revisit history. Once upon a time, a great nation called ‘Hindustan’ got itself liberated from the cruel and self indulging clutches of the ‘Britishers’. We were ruined, looted and crucified. Our wealth was magnanimously showered upon by the self centered clan and the remains were mere aftermaths of the ruthless whites. We did not have an economy and hence our resources were visibly depleted. Poverty was our strength and education was an alien concept. Yet, we emerged. We rose like a phoenix and our accomplishments are here to be seen and applauded. You know why…??? We were able to do that because the country was together and oneness was our slogan. 
But then, apocalypse struck. Partition happened and what followed were some of the most forgettable chapters in Indian history. ‘India’ split in to ‘Hindustan’ and ‘Pakistan’. MK Gandhi could not convince Jinnah (I still believe that MKG had his own reasons and theory behind this decision)  and the people were unable to digest this calamity. Thousands lost their lives and families, the freedom came for a price which no one had ever imagined or asked for. The loss was unprecedented. People lost their identity and the roots were uprooted. Trust me, partition was not a cinematic narration, it was hardcore reality. And, till today, the few are citing these shocking events as evidences for today’s situation, which is engulfed by terrorism.
****Watch out for the sequel..****

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