Presentations could be juvenile yet vulnerable..

It is my firm conviction that presentations in any form, catering to a larger spectrum of the elite and educative crowd has it’s own charismatic influence in a very subtle yet appealing manner. Many might beg to differ, but my stand on this aspect of the competency remains unruffled.

Presentations need not be very formal unless you are trying to rejuvenate yourself in front of a crowd that understands and means only ‘business’. Similarly, a jovial crowd could go berserk if they are not kept entertained by the exploits of the host/moderator. That is where the ‘WIFM’ factor comes in to the picture. ‘WIFM’ indicates ‘What’s in for me’ aspect in this whole episode that can either take you for a ride or enthrall you. So, inevitably, you would be the cynosure of all eyes, as the host and as an aspiring listener who has loads of expectations to deal with.

The following are a MUST for any presentation (not necessarily in the prescribed order):

  • Never have apprehensions, they could prove to be hindrances.
  • As a presenter, you are the boss and take charge nonchalantly. Be confident.
  • Keep the ‘WIFM’ factor in mind and stick to basics.
  • Thumb rule – Look in to the eyes of the audience and convey the acceptability factor.
  • Decide the mode of your presentation: Your oratory skills or the content displayed. Crowd would never be interested in both.
  • Always have the time in check; it’s obvious to get carried away but you do not have the prerogative to snatch somebody else’s allotment.
  • Keep the introduction short and sweet; do not let them count the chickens before they hatch.
  • Start emphatically and end with a purpose.
  • Interact with the target audience and make them feel comfortable; your intention is to engage them fruitfully, not to guide them to monotony.
  • Sense of humor is always an added advantage; never try to overdo it.
  • Never dominate but be assertive and remind them that you call the shots here.
  • Passion facilitates but emotions could deplete your vigor. Energy supplied should be used to gain momentum and garner the right content.

This is a result of my exposure to attain expertise and I am hopeful that it would add the required sheen to the fraternity of speakers who intend to deliver with panache.

IPL Diary – What a final!!

As Harsha Bhogle aptly conveyed the message: ‘The magnificent campaign of Mumbai and Sachin Tendulkar in IPL 2010 has come to an end.’ 

Without doubt, CSK were the superlative team of the day and fought back in to the tournament to take the title home. For me, the star for Chennai was Suresh Raina. He played a fantastic innings in front of a packed Navi Mumbai stadium to take the game away from Mumbai. His innings had the character and aggressiveness that was required to win a final and he came up trumps when required. I still maintain that the 2 dropped catches were way too expensive for MI and they paid the price for it. As Harsha concurrently commented: ‘There is no you in the game, it’s always me. I couldn’t agree more. But I am not taking anything away from CSK and Raina, you were outstanding and deserved to take the IPL 2010 home. ‘Catches Win Matches’ is an old yet the most important chapter in Cricket’s manual and Mumbai missed to scan through those pages today.

I do feel that MI made some critical mistakes at crucial junctures to let the game away. The 2 dropped catches and the uninspiring performance at the field was a big let down. The fact that the last 5 overs yielded more than 70 runs narrates the entire story. I strongly feel that bringing in Bhajji during such encounters would be a futile effort and Pollard should have come in before Duminy. Pollard played a blinder but it was a bit too late for Mumbai to go past that total of Chennai. Coming in to the final as the most prolific team in the competition under the leadership of my ‘Guru’, Mumbai faltered in the final hurdle as few tactics went the other way.
Needless to say, I would not like to curb the feeling to express the obvious fact that I expected my ‘Boss’ to take Mumbai to glory but I have always maintained that it’s the team that wins at the end and individuals are merely enacting a performance for the bigger platform of the game. Even if it is the ‘Lord of Cricket – Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar’. He played a very responsible and sedate innings but as always, there was too much pressure on him and even though he held the innings together, probably today was not to be his. But for dominating this format of the game and catapulting Mumbai to the finals, I salute him. Yet again.
I have always been impressed with MSD’s captaincy and today he stamped his authority all over this thrilling game. His decisions were crisp and effective. But the most important move to have Hayden in the mid off which was so damn straight has instigated me to applaud the captain! Well done Dhoni and a huge pat on the back for CSK!!
In all, a final that we all have always dreamt of!!! A great game of cricket to round off the proceedings at the IPL 2010.

Facing Ali – The Retrospective of A Great Champion!

I cannot term ‘Facing Ali’ as a biopic. Neither can it be considered as a documentary. For me, it is a narration of one of the most prolific and iconic figures in sporting history, from his most revered contemporaries who have witnessed and known ‘Muhammed Ali’ as a fighter, a sportsman, an ambassador and above all, a fine human being. 

‘Facing Ali’ is not motivating, it is an enchanting saga of arguably the greatest heavyweight champion this world has ever known. And, it is not only about ‘Ali’ and his exploits in the ring, but outside the boxing fraternity, where he became a role model to an entire generation.

‘Cassius Clay’ transformed to ‘Muhammed Ali’, but it was just not about his inclination towards the holy ‘Nation of Islam’. It was much more than that. ‘Ali’ was all about character. ‘Ali’ defined self esteem, he idolized discipline and embodied the true spirit of the game called ‘Boxing’. And personally, I feel that he was, undoubtedly, the phenomenal force behind the popularity of the heavyweight championships. ‘Facing Ali’ has some legendary snapshots of his most mercurial fights with ‘Joe Frazier’, ‘Liston I-III’ and ‘George Foreman’. It also talks and visualizes the ‘Fight of The Century’ with ‘Joe Frazier’, which is incidentally one amongst the five losses that he suffered during his entire tenure in the golden ring. His unorthodox style, his boastful yet emphatic phrase of ‘I Am The Greatest’ and his impeccable attitude towards the game is truly legendary. 

The most striking aspect of ‘Facing Ali’ is when his opponents talk about their own encounters with ‘Ali’, and when I hear phrases like ‘A fight with Ali gave me honour, clothes and good food to my children’ and ‘He is a perfect example to the broken myth that a fighter cannot be a gentleman’ is staggering. When your opponents bestow that kind of a respect on you, then I guess, I have to admit that ‘Muhammed Ali’ was undoubtedly the greatest human being to have fought and conquered the world of heavyweight championships. 
Post ‘Facing Ali’, I have realized that there will always be only one ‘Muhammed Ali’ and history will hail him as one of the giants in the annals of the sporting extravaganza.

IPL Diary – The story of two legends..

This is in retrospective of 2 well fought games that yielded comprehensive results. And sterling performances from two giants made the outcome look effortless.

The first game I am talking about is the clash between KKR & RCB. KKR have been performing inconsistently throughout and their performance has been patchy. RCB on the other hand, have slowly started regaining momentum under the able leadership of ‘Jumbo’. And when we all were raving about Uthappa’s exploits, that took RCB home, we just missed to acknowledge the effort of a player who has been a class apart in his own ways. For me, this match was all about the greatness of one man, ‘Rahul Dravid’. Unlike ‘The Master’ and ‘Dada’, Dravid has never been acknowledged as an accomplished player in the shorter version of the game, even though statistics draw a different picture. Inarguably, he is one of the legends of the game but one day cricket has never adored him. And in this match, Dravid showed why he is regarded as one of the most impeccable stroke-makers in the game of cricket. The elegance was visible, the style was evident and to watch one of the most prolific scorers in test history whacking bowlers in a 20-20 game yielded immense satisfaction. The cover drive, the on drive, the cut, the agile footwork: they all reminded me of the champion Dravid that we all knew. Folks, for somebody who was rejected in the fraternity of a 50 over match and was widely touted as a player born for the longer version of the game , this is the fruit of endearing patience and ominous calibre. Rahul, I salute you! I have always felt that for some reason, this man has never got his due. It’s time we give him what we owe.
Next, I would talk about the game between MI & RR. Mumbai needed a win to seal a semis spot and RR looked to strengthen its position and inch ahead towards a semi final berth. But ‘The Maestro’ tarnished all such hopes of a RR win. The champion batsman once again delivered for Mumbai and bailed them out of trouble when they were tottering at 30 for 3. And that is where, Sachin played like a man possessed and held on to his array of strokes. But once they managed to preserve some wickets till the 15th over and the drop catch by Dole notwithstanding, he played another gem to take Mumbai to safety. The way he dispatched Shane Watson to all corners displayed vintage Sachin at his best and the disciplined bowling performance took Mumbai home in a comprehensive fashion. And, as Sachin’s phenomenal accumulation of runs continued in this season, Mumbai became the first team to storm in to the semi finals of the IPL 3. Quite deserving!

What makes life worth living it for..??

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions which is more frequently ignored. I think it’s time we start putting a heavy price tag on ourselves, for what we are, for what we have achieved phenomenally in all these years of voracious learning and start paying tributes to our capabilities, which by far, can never be overshadowed by anybody who aspires to take pride in what he is, rather than bestow his prejudices on others to prove otherwise.

I am probably not saying it because I am confidence personified, but more so, because I have come to believe that others are supremely talented and have the ability to flourish under any given circumstances. Here I go..!!?? That’s the catch here. ‘Any given circumstances’ could be misleading though for quite a few, who precariously lose their nerves during those few anxious moments of their own illuminating lives, thereby resulting in an aftermath that is encouraging to none. Moreover, it leaves a legacy behind, which is not worth carrying forward to our prospective champion generations. Aahh..!!! There I go… How can legacy be ignored?? We all are capable in our own rights, thanks to the legacy we all have so secretly admired, yet do not have the courage to vehemently accept it. That concludes that we only have the rights and the self confessed authority to be perfect examples to others, and let people be aware that we are immensely proud of our credentials, which obviously has not been very easy to acquire and practice.

My dear friends, I am not appealing to you all, I am just cajoling the ‘YOU’ inside everybody, which is extremely subtle and delicate, yet more powerful and strong to overcome any apocalypse this world has ever known.

When ‘Dada’ came in to his own..

I have always been convinced with the fact that Sourav Ganguly is a matchwinner. And this belief of mine was re-established today. His dazzling innings of 88 off 54 balls was studded with 9 hits to the fence and 5 massive over boundaries. The ‘Prince of Kolkata’ was back in his elements today and dominated the attack like he used to during his hey days. Bowlers were clobbered all over the park as Ganguly played havoc from the beginning of the innings and the intent was on display for everybody. It was a special innings to regain form, after two disastrous IPL outings and inconsistent performance in this edition so far. And overcoming the defending champions was not an easy task as they are one of the most formidable packages in this format of the game.

KKR still have a long way to go and Ganguly has to sustain his golden touch if his team is nurturing hopes of cracking in to the semis’ line up. But this is an indicator of what this man is capable of and KKR definitely appear to be a better outfit when ‘Dada’ is leading from the front.
I would still have my fingers crossed though..!!

I want my uTube back..

When my usual tryst with uTube commenced today morning, I was stunned to see a new look version of the legendary library. To compound problems further, I was shocked and bewildered to find that the URL links for my concurrent downloads were conspicuously missing.

Omigosh!!!?? Please don’t tell me that the pre-beta and the subsequent beta versions would lack this phenomenal feature for worldwide downloads. That would be nothing short of a catastrophe and I would perhaps be one of the greatest calamities of this new look uTube, which is evidently a result of 8 months of innovative thought process and huge number of experiments/implementations before they arrived at this juncture.

But freaks, while I appreciate and shower accolades for your new invention out of this popular idiot forum for the fraternity, I would be elated if you give my old yet convincing and simpler uTube back…!!!

I have and would always admire technological innovations on any tool that is as revolutionary as the uTube (it boasts of a new enriched look with high definition quality, improved streaming performance, better organizer of your favorite videos/movies and increased bandwidth), but I would insist on retaining certain features that makes uTube one of the most proverbial and influential tools for browsing entertainment all over the world.

So far, my frantic search for the URL’s has been a futile effort and the embedded links/html code are of little use. I did take myself through the official blog but that only raved about it’s new and improved features, but not a hint of existence about my baby…!!

Please don’t create an orphan out of me when the whole world is consumed by the guardian..!!

Awaiting the comeback!

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