Shutter Island – A thriller that will blow your brains off..!!

I always look forward to a Martin Scorsese film with loads of expectations and the prospect of witnessing a riveting drama at it’s best. And this thriller sweeps you away with a kind of raw yet subtle intensity, that has been a trademark in all Scorsese flicks.

The entire set up of the maverick institution treating criminally insane individuals and the invigorating facts surrounding the entire island is very well etched. The characters are all psychopath-personified and look vulnerable, yet deceptive, as the script demands the kind of narration that sounds vivid and intriguing at the same time. And for me, Shutter Island succeeds in creating that ambience of bewilderment throughout. 
DeCaprio excels in his role as Teddy Daniels and his expressions are vital to his character here. But he has ensured that he is not overdoing it and comes up trumps in this thriller/drama. I am seeing Ben Kingsley on screen after a long time and he proves why he is considered to be one of the stupendous actors in the vicinity. He is perfect for the role of the doctor, who is all set to divulge the imaginary story woven by DeCaprio and his conviction is impeccable. The supporting cast has always been Scorsese’s strength and Shutter Island is no exception. He could have easily gone overboard with the kind of script at his disposal but he has remained restrained and delivers typically.
I love the filmmaker in Martin Scorsese and his school of filmmaking belongs to the elite class of people who admire quality and stunning cinema. The latest offering is a gift to his admirers (including me..) after a long time.

An experiment with life (Not an excerpt)..

If you closely look at the numerous causes for pandemonium around our lives, evidently all roads would lead to ‘Us‘. And we, the ‘humans’, god’s most superlative creature in this planet earth, strive to make things worse, with an outside and a rear perspective to design things in a personalized fashion. And, we are quite emphatic in declaring ourselves as the greatest risk takers this world has ever witnessed.

And, I am quite jubilant about this self confessed yet a dynamic fact of our self consumed and so called vivacious lives. By stating this phenomenon of human creed, please do not jump in to an inane conclusion to declare that I am a pessimist. No, by all means, I am one of the most vigorous optimists venturing around the vicinity. But, if you sit down for a while and think about the repercussions of human achievements, you will realize that I am talking sense, and with loads of reality stuck to it.

Agriculture, Industries, Space & Moon, Sports, Technological Masterfinds, Education, Medicine, Hospitality, Aviation; we have made rapid progress in every conglomerate mentioned here. And we would continue to make rapid strides in these fields and excel, but we would still struggle to find an answer to the most infamous yet intriguing syndrome of ‘Global Warming’. At the most we can find innovative precautionary measures to confront this disaster, but we all should realize that the aftermath is inevitable. And, it is unanimously encouraged, driven and compounded by human desires and the insatiable quality to invent at the expense of something which is natural and deep rooted.

Yet, man is the quintessential brain child behind god’s most ambitious projects in the planet. Moreover, humanity strives through the entire process of crucification to maintain the desired equilibrium, that is further ramified to maintain the ecological balance of our fraternity in a cordial fashion. Huh! Quite logical and sensible, though sounds insane to me..!!

But despite me pondering over these nuances of life, I hate to admit that I am an integral part of the same damn society that believes in mincing words when it matters most and fight over trivial issues for centuries. Talking about ‘sex’ is still considered to be taboo and we are repeatedly reminded about the exploits of our great generations (forefathers) that behold us for the next 100 years. Sounds absurd, doesn’t it..?? We would swear about our culture and still continue to relinquish ourselves from wanting to get acquainted about certain concepts, which actually make sense and attempt to inculcate common sense. Phew!! But you, me and everyone else are aware that common sense has never been that common. Rather, we have always ignored those facets of life that infuse commonness amongst this so called intelligent clan.

This talk will continue and I would always remain famished for such write ups that invoke human thought process and tinkle our nerves to decide better. For themselves, for others and for the fulfillment of the entire mankind.

When Sachin bats, ecstasy rules the roost..

Today, I had the honor of witnessing a gem of an innings from the legendary willow of my ‘Boss’ (from the beginning to the celebrated ending ) after really long time, and I don’t care if it came in the shortest and the least favored format (at least for me) of the game. Well, actually it doesn’t matter where he bats, what is more significant is the way he goes about collecting those divine runs in such an effortless fashion. It was vintage Sachin again and what an innings it was! Mumbai romped home and KKR were only left ruing themselves for the lost chances.

If the straight drive in the first over was any indication of what was in store for the rest of the evening, then you had just watched glimpses of the ‘Master’. Another drive followed, which was not exactly that straight but still cleared the fence with consummate ease. The next shot was, for me, was a magnificent stroke. A sublime cover drive in this format of the game is hard to bargain for, but Sachin is probably one of those few greats who still has the ability to deliver those authentic strokes with élan, when the 20-20 design is considered to be a pinch hitter’s paradise. Two ferocious pull shots followed in the next over and I realized that this was yet another of his days. He looked in complete control and simply took the game away from the Knight Riders.
Personally, I have always felt that KKR will only fire if ‘Dada’ delivers. He is the champion player in the team and has the ability to turn the tide single handedly for Kolkata. But I am afraid that his return to form might be a bit late for Knight Riders to even think about sealing a semis spot in the current event. I know that the tournament has just begun, but some teams have displayed consistency (Mumbai Indians is one of them) and that remains the key if you aspire to win tournaments such as these.
Sachin’s scintillating 71 came off 48 deliveries and he remained unbeaten to steer Mumbai home. His domineering presence is the reason behind Mumbai’s success and he has to keep going if Mumbai fancy their chances of reaching the last four.
IPL has kicked off in style and Tendulkar has definitely been in top gear so far. Way to go ‘Boss’!

Aayarithil Oruvan – A mishap that became a disaster..

I always thought that Selveraghavan had some logic in his movies, even though I have never been a great admirer of his so called quintessential yet realistic approach of filmmaking. But ‘AO’ has surpassed all levels of insanity. Undoubtedly, it is one of his most pathetic works till date and I really felt that I wasted 145 minutes of my meaningful life.

A definitive plot and an unconventional subject was treated in an inane, stupid manner and the characters looked like buffoons on screen. The entire set up of revisiting the ‘Chola’ era and discovering lost pride was fine with me, but where the hell was the screenplay and editing in the entire flick..?? The story went completely haywire from all quarters and gradually became a juggernaut of unpredictable and senseless sequences. I thought that the 10 minute teaser of this film would have been sufficient for those who sing praises of the director. I pity them for their lack of understanding the nuances of quality cinema (I always believe that sometimes quality might be devoid of entertainment but not always…).
The cast is equally frivolous. The talented Karthick has been wasted and Raima Sen should have signed this deal after some sensational talks with the director, only to end up working in a venture that can be termed as an utterly forgettable one. I always thought she deserved a better deal (If only she had the brains to think sensibly). Andrea was still tolerable, thankfully because she was left out of the script for most of the second half and she has every reason to thank her stars for this great escape. And not even GOD can tell me what the **** was Parthiban doing in this epic spoof..?? Sometimes, I wonder if some actors have started believing that they can come up with some shit and the audience would still accept it apologetically..??!!!
Well, I am still wondering why I saw this film in the first place but it has definitely given me an opportunity to invoke the critic within me and write the way I love the most: to be open, precise and straight. You can hate me for this, but I love myself for it..!!!
I am hoping that Selveraghavan wakes up from his slumber and decides to make something watchable the next time around.

Frenzy IPL Engulfs Nation

The 3rd edition of IPL invokes the kind of expectations and thrill, which is reminiscent of the extravaganza that began couple of years back with pomp and glamour.

Frankly, IPL has never interested me. I belong to the authentic school of copybook cricket and sincerely vouch for tests and ODI’s. For me, test cricket would always remain the premier edition of the game and 50 over matches are certainly a part of folklore now.  But 20-20, well, I tend to have my reservations about this format that has the taken the game to a new pinnacle by becoming one of the proverbial and biggest money spinners in the sporting fraternity. But nevertheless, the world and the cricket fraternity looks at it from the entertainment perspective and it definitely does pull the crowds in large numbers.

Even though I do not follow IPL with the usual zest, but as a hardcore cricket buff, I do keep track of the proceedings. I vehemently favor KKR and ‘Mumbai Indians’ (Those who are avid readers of my blog would realize the obvious reason behind it). Both these teams have not been very successful in their last 2 ventures here (KKR had a tumultuous tourney last year) and I am sure they would look forward to set this record straight. Honestly, I do not have a track of the 11 names in each of the teams, but would make sincere attempts to peek in. There is this huge element of uncertainty over the performance of the teams in this tournament. Some peak early and lose their way amidst chaos, pressure and expectation. Few pick up late and gradually become consistent. So it is imperative that we do not jump in to conclusions by looking at the results and the figures of the first 10 games. Even the tournament sort of settles down and gets in to the groove after the first few games have gone past. As I said, these are early days to decide upon a favorite, but we expect the defending champions to deliver and few others who have had the right combination to win the crucial ones and progress.

Let the IPL crusade begin.

Why are birthdays considered to be revered events in our lives..??

I have always been curious about the birthday syndrome..!!!?? Why are they so special..??

I mean, every second person in this world celebrates his/her birthday with pomp and glamour, or with a sense of fulfillment that he/she is worthy enough to be a year older..!!! But frankly, birthdays don’t excite me any more.

They do not thrill me as such. They are fascinating, yes, but I tend to have a perspective which is more responsible and could add a meaning to my life.

But I must confess that my colleagues surprised me today at work and the gesture touched me immensely. Thank you all!!

Looking forward to a peaceful day and an eventful year ahead!

VTV – Usually, love stories are meant to be just like this..

VTV is a fine product from Gautam’s stable. I would not say that ‘I loved it’ but I liked the way the love story was scripted and portrayed. I still feel that it is a classic that fell short by a whisker. But all said and done, an exquisite attempt from the talented filmmaker.

The plot, the soundtrack and background score (ARR sizzles with ‘Hosana and ‘Aromale’), the casting coup (except Mr. Simbu), the few occasional thumping dialogues (‘Why do I love Jessi when there are so many other girls to fall for’ is one of them) which otherwise would have been considered as pedestrian are some of the finest points in this intense, yet light hearted romancing saga. Gautam has done a good job in restraining Simbu from his usual antics but I strongly felt that somebody else could have easily fitted the bill, which could have given this love story, a more powerful yet subtle touch. Trisha is ravishing and her costumes are a revelation. But undoubtedly, it is a Gautam film all the way and he should get the credit for it.
This flick is definitely not without flaws, but I believe that realistic love stories penned with poetic lines and a painful dose of the same medicine is suppose to be embedded with glitches, hence I would consider them as pardonable. Murmurs are that whoever watches VTV claims the story to be his own and it might be a exaggerating theory that is doing the rounds for the mockery classes, but I sincerely feel that any person who has fallen in love and was not able to turn his story in to a designer book with intended chapters would be able to associate himself to VTV. Please note that all legendary love stories are failures and this was probably, Gautam’s biggest inspiration. And I firmly believe that each one of us, at some point of our lives, would have fallen for a woman. I guess that’s incentive enough to take a glimpse at VTV.
For those who have fallen in love and enjoy the painful repercussions, please go and watch VTV.
‘Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya’, may be not.

Memories that are immortal..

Like a bolt out of the blue, one of my best friends posted few pictures in facebook, which had attained legendary status years back and I had even forgotten that we had ever taken those snaps!! But man, it was simply invaluable to watch those days in pictures and I was simply taken aback..!!!

Omigosh!!!??? It was difficult to believe that it was me (my parents echoed my thoughts) in there and I am still wondering if that was ME..!!!!! Never knew that 11 years could take off that innocence from my personality and what has been replaced with now is merely a rejuvenated form of the earlier version, like a la ‘Avatar’.. :).
It was equally rejoicing to watch some of the cutest faces and it has really been a long time since I tried to recollect some of the celebrated faces of my teachers. Phew.. It’s really been a long time and time certainly flies like an ‘Iron Man’.
When I look back today, they were inarguably, one of the most enchanting and cherished moments of my life. No, school life was not the best part of our lives, they were the zenith of acquiring knowledge and the foundation for the enterprising future. I would have to admit that whatever little I have achieved in life, are the fruits of those eternal seeds that were sown around 15 years back. Our tormentors (Read: Teachers) our mentors, our guide and our nemesis too. There were few who were adorable but some were detested to the core. Yet, they were the actual and original superstars of my life and I owe it to all of them (Teachers, My Classmates, not-so likable mates and my best friends) for what I am today.
I wish those days could be a part of some of the inane yet significant vicious circles that engulf our daily lives. But I realize that it is a part of a clan that belongs to folklore. Emotional or touch nostalgic or a tsunami of sentiments, but I am very proud to take a look at those pictures today and understand the roots.
Thank you Navneet! You have just triggered a bludgeon of memories from the past, which is going to linger in my minds for the next few days. And I am definite that they would last much longer than anticipated.

Pyaasa (1957) – A Film By Guru Dutt

I am on course to fulfill my zest to take a glimpse at some of the finest films crafted in Indian cinema. Pyaasa definitely ranks amongst the top and I need to tell you folks that I just witnessed a work of a genius.

We all have heard, read and applauded the craftsmanship of Guru Dutt, but if we really have to take a glimpse of his talent, then you have to watch his movies. His script, the dialogues and the monologues, the melancholy that surrounds the apt story-line and mellifluous rendering of the divine words (Sahir Ludhianvi) by Rafi saab are just perfect. Pyaasa kept me glued to the screen for approximately 3 hours and even though it was not very positive frame by frame, but extremely thought provoking and inarguably, very intriguing and subtle. The casting was impeccable too. Waheeda Rehman looks like a deprived angel and Mala Sinha looks very beautiful.  Rehman as Mala Sinha’s consolation husband is impressively crooked. A young Mehmood was refreshing to watch and Johnny Walker was immensely entertaining.
I always wanted to watch Guru Dutt’s films (especially since I have heard and read so much about him) and Pyaasa proves that he was indeed a filmmaker beyond his times.